Lifestyle: Money Supermarket’s Big Night In!

They say that staying in is the new going out… but who actually believes it? I for one am more than open to trying it out,  however living in the city centre does make this task a little more challenging. So when Money Supermarket approached me about a campaign they are running in order to see how people can plan a fab night in for just £50, I decided to rise to the challenge. Firstly, I rounded up 3 good friends. £50 to cover a night in for 4 people can sound a little squeezed, but I worked out with some careful pre-shopping around you can get a good selection of ‘staying in treats’ when you shop around!

So, here’s the tips for planning the ultimate night in with a group of girls!

You need to entertain your guests, which means one main thing – copius amounts of food and drink. Once the food and drink is flowing, the night will sort itself out!


A good bottle of prosecco, a decent bottle of spirit, or some fun flavoured mini vodkas are always ideal to go down a treat with guests, and you will spend under £20 on these which can last you all night!

For a night in, there’s nothing better than having food which is great to ‘pick’ at, plus if you shop it right, you can really budget. Supermarkets such as Aldi or Asda do a great selection at really low prices, so I stocked up on hummous, red pepper hummous, onion and chive dip and salsa! To go with this, I purchased wholegrain and white pitta breads, breadsticks and tortilla crisps, mini quiches, nut selections, focaccia, chorizo slices, parma ham and spicy chicken wings. Perfect for picking, eating and chatting…

Also wraps, cooked chicken and salad are fab choices to pick up, as they are cheap and with just one or two packs you can make enough filled wraps/sandwiches for 4 hungry girls!

night in

A night in is not complete without a good film! I usually prep for this earlier and shop on Amazon and Ebay for DVD’s to try and get them a little cheaper, like I did below with Les Miserables. You can’t beat a good musical when having a female orientated night in!


Still on the budget with food, nothing goes down better than some deserts which luxury but really don’t cost much at all! I treated my guests to Carrot and Walnut loaf cake, Banana and Toffee loaf cake, scones, clotted cream, and Jam! Loaf cakes can cost just £1, as well as a pack of 10 scones if you shop around, then you just add on your cream and jam and you have more than enough deserts for a night in for four people…

And of course, last but not least, if it’s a girly night in, then pampering is a must! I purchased 4 face masks from Boots own range for 99p each, which allowed us to eat our deserts, watch a film, drink wine and chat whilst giving our skin a treat. (I’m on the right, just to clear up that’s my sister being silly on the left!) She will kill me for putting this up…

Best bit? This night in for 4 people, with more than enough food and drink left over, cost just £50! To split, that would be £12.50 each… imagine how much you can spend heading to a restaurant, bar, night club, or just a general evening venturing out! I’m interested in knowing how you would spend £50 to plan your perfect night in, so do let me know…

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