Fashion: Wear Your True Colours

So what do the clothes you wear say about you? Well we know that clothing, or your style should we say, is an extension of your character and personality. It is a form of expressing yourself without having to say anything at all.

A good few decades back, Women’s clothing styles didn’t vary much from one person to another in Western fashion. Although over history, clothing varied somewhat between the classes and styles altered over the centuries, there was nothing diverse from one individual to another.


Fashions developed with the times and the masses adhered to the latest changes collectively. Since the 1920’s, after World War 1 ended, clothing fashions and trends started to take a turn and branch out in to different styles for women. Starting as fairly modest alterations to the normal attire, such as slightly shorter hemlines and lower cut necks; it then became acceptable for women to show their legs by 1925 by wearing knee length skirts and then by the end of the decade, it was fashionable for women to look boyish. This was the mark of the beginning of the style explosion!

Women were beginning to abandon the restrictive fashions of the past and starting to experiment with their styles and wearing more comfortable items like trousers! This was tied into many historical factors such as the relaxed social customs and morals on alcohol consumption, the right to vote and the female participation in the workforce during the war.

Moving forward 90 odd years, there are now hundreds of different genres of style in which to choose to dress yourself in; there are no restrictions what so ever any more. With styles varying from hipster to goth, emo to hippy, androgyny to boho, rave to punk, skater to girly and space age to vintage… the list is endless!

With such extensive options of style and fashion now readily available, we are so lucky to have the freedom of choice with endless styles of women’s clothing to suit who you are. There’s nothing nice about looking like a lemming and fading in to the crowd like a dystopian equilibrium – regarded as numbers, not people! Clothes are there in order to not just practically shield you from the weather and mask nudity (or not, in some cases), but to help distinguish who you are.


If you see someone walking down the road with wearing all black with chains on, you can instantly guess what that person is likely to be like. The same as whether you see someone with bright pink hair, 6 inch sparkly platform shoes, a big furry coat or whatever someone might be wearing, you get a general presumption of who they might be!

Make sure you are expressing your individuality for whoever you are with George at ASDA who have designed a range in order to let you be you. With all the most popular items, mixed up with a huge range of patterns, colours and styles in order for you to show your true colours!

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