Beauty Guest Post: Lucy Heap Reviews Garniers 5 Second Perfect Blur Cream & BB Cream

Hi! I will introduce myself first to avoid confusion. WhatEmmaDid’s Emma has let me ‘guest blog’ for you! I am Lucy…WhatEmmaDid is my twin sister, and genetics aside, we couldn’t be more different! I don’t know my midi’s from my maxis, I wear jumpers and jeans everyday…and I am terrible with a make up brush! I possibly do not write as well either, however I bought some products the other day, and thought I would contribute to this brilliant blog!

I recently purchased one of the most talked about affordable beauty products on the market, Garniers 5 Sec Perfect Blur Cream, and here is what the product is said to do:

  • Visibly blurs the appearance of shine.

  • Visibly blurs the appearance of fine lines

  • Visibly blurs the appearance of wrinkles

  • Visibly blurs the appearance of pores

*Foams at the mouth*

In addition I picked up the Garnier BB Cream for oily and combination skin as I really love this product and thought it deserved a mention.

I will self confess I have horrific skin. I was cursed as an adolescent with oily skin and faced the acne battle in a one sided fight. My skin is now hyper pigmented, heavily marked, uneven, and still oily. Garnier were one of the first  in the BB game, introducing  the BB Miracle Skin Perfector cream.  I snapped it up as soon as possible, excited over everything it promised to be only to be horrified when I looked at my face because the product sat on my skin like a layer of grease!  That’s when I turned to the oil free product, which is a god send to us ladies with oily skin. It isn’t uber- high coverage, and doesn’t turn me into a flawless-if-not-a-bit-caked-up-goddess like Estee Lauder Double Wear does, but it has a much greater coverage than what tinted moisturisers offer. My days are typically spent in a white coat over a Bunsen burner so it isn’t important that I look my best, but this product does just the job to get me through without exposing my natural ‘non-beauty’ to the world!

I am not sure what I expected of the Perfect Blur cream, being a primer virgin and all that. Anyway take a look (if you dare!) at the ‘before’ picture of me make up free (after three days of hay fever it isn’t a pretty sight…red nose, puffy eyes…and no casper jokes please I haven’t seen the sun for a year and hate fake tan!) …

And then look at the next photo, whereby I have applied the product  to all of my face…can you see any difference at this stage?

It doesn’t help that the photo is in a slightly different light setting. Anyway, I got the impression that you were supposed to see the effects of the product straight away before you apply any make up, well I didn’t. I would never wear this product alone. At one point I did the same thing they do in their advertising campaign and applied the product to one half of my face and I could see little difference in the appearance of my skin compared to the other side. The product did feel wonderful though. My skin felt silky smooth and did not look shiny in the slightest.

I applied a good layer of the BB cream I mentioned earlier over the Blur cream and I was quite impressed. See picture below…

picture 5

The product glided on nicer with the Blur cream applied and I found that I got a natural shine to my cheek bones. The shine was not due to oil from the BB cream because it has a very matte finish. I am guessing the shine was due to the smoother surface due to the Blur cream primer beneath. I applied my favourite powder to set the BB cream as I always need a little powder to stop any oil seeping its way through my make up during the day. A little blusher, mascara, attend to brows (no eyeliner as my hay fever rejects it immediately at the moment) and all done! I like this look as a low effort natural look that just stops me scaring people when I leave the house!

picture 6

I will give the Blur cream another chance, maybe when my skin is in a better condition. I also think that it will work well with a proper foundation such as Estee Lauders double wear. I am writing this review 7 hours after I applied the Blur cream and the BB cream. In terms of lasting effects, I have had no oily seep-age throughout the day. The coverage has been lost significantly during the day, and my imperfections are clearly visible, but this happens in a ‘natural way’ if you get me? Like, it looks as if I never had much make up on to start with, as opposed to having patchy and slightly oxidised orangey tinges around my face, which I have noticed with some brands of foundation.

I think that both products work well together, and if you want a natural look with medium coverage for everyday use then these two will do the job. If you are prone to oily skin then I can’t recommend the oil free BB cream enough, it works better than many foundations I’ve tried and you get all the benefits of a BB cream!

Both products are currently on offer at Boots too!


5 Sec Perfect Blur

Pros: Makes my skin feel silky and smooth, provides an oil free base for applying make-up, made my BB cream glide on with ease and a good finish

Cons: Does very little to the appearance of my skin before the BB cream is applied, perhaps my skin is too pigmented and uneven to see the effects?

BB Miracle Skin Perfector. Oil free. Light

Pros: Good coverage for a BB cream, matte finish, no excess shine or oil. I love this product!

Cons: Only light or medium available. I find the light is possibly a little too light for me but medium would be to dark.

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