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As I constantly love reviewing beauty brands I haven’t yet tried,  I was quite excited to trial out some products from Balance Me, as I have seen that the brand has recently received quite a lot of positive press coverage. Always one to take away what I read in magazines (within reason!), I opted to trial out two popular products from Balance Me – the Pure Skin Face Wash and the Congested Skin Serum.

For those who don’t know much about Balance Me, the brand is famous for being a British natural beauty brand, with a focus on advanced natural formulations which are results based. The products, which promote anti-aging, combine pure high grade essential oils, powerful natural actives and extracts, plus cutting edge, naturally derived formulations. And as we all like to see how natural our skincare products are these days, in a world where we have been made aware of harsh chemicals, all Balance Me products feature the % of how natural each product is on the front, with the majority boasting 100% natural origin.

balance me

So here are a few of the Balance Me promises:
No parabens, sulphates, petroleum, mineral oils, silicones, dea, pegs, propylene glycol, artificial colours and scents.
We use: High tech natural ingredients and technologies.
We create: Bespoke blends of exquisite aromas chosen for their skin-balancing, radiance enhancing and rejuvenating properties.
We deliver: Award winning, high performance and naturally anti-aging products.

So now for the review of the Pure Skin Face Wash. First of all, this face wash is very rich and creamy. A little goes a long way! In terms of lathering and turning into a foam, this is kept very minimal, which I actually prefer as it proves there are no added extras in the wash. After using the face wash, my skin felt clean and soft, and I was surprised to see there was no redness on my skin like there usually is after washing. It has a wonderfully ‘natural’ scent, a sense of botanical elements, which is always comforting. I have quite oily skin, which can be blotchy at times and prone to outbreaks, however I found my outbreaks seemed to slow down whilst using this twice a day. It hasn’t stopped them completely or radically changed my complexion, but it seems to keep skin ‘calm’ and very soft. I would give an 8 out of 10, which to me personally is a high rating for a facial wash!

balance me

The second product I have been trying out is the Balance Me Congested Skin Serum, which as part of the ‘Skin Saviours’ range aims to rescue skin from outbreaks.  I waited until an outbreak appeared to use this for the first time, and when it did, I was pleasantly surprised at the light, lemon-ey scent and soft yellow-ish colour. The gel is to be applied direct onto spots, and I noticed straight away that for small, pink-ish spots just forming or little under the skin ones, this gel works wonders. Small blemishes and marks were fading fairly quickly. However I used this onto a more ‘harsh’ outbreak, and although the gel brings imperfections to a head quicker, I felt they seemed to take a while to fade. If you have very mild and moderate spots, I think you’ll absolutely love this product!


Check out the Balance Me website to view the entire range of products, as they also have a collection of ‘treatments’ products, super-moisturising skincare, super-toning bodycare, and skin brightening products. All in all, very impressed with this brand.

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