How To Create An Inspiring Spare Bedroom

The bedroom. It’s a tranquil place to relax. It’s a place to let out the tension that you’ve been holding in all day, and style it to your own personal interior tastes. Your own bedroom is the perfect place to relax and have a lie in on a Sunday morning, or a cosy saturday night snuggled up with a book. It’s a personal little hub for you, or your and your partner, which you can make as comfortable or as stylish as possible.

But what about a spare bedroom? Whether you have guests or family staying over regularly, or hardly ever, a spare bedroom shouldn’t look like an un-loved space. Yes, it may be called a ‘spare’ room, but it can be such a key room in the home. 

As the days are getting lighter and the weather slightly warmer,  the last thing that you need is a spare bedroom that feels uninviting and sparse. You can use a spare room to double us a home office, a walk in wardrobe style room, a children’s play area… the options are endless!

If you’re a little stuck on how to make your spare bedroom a place of comfort, here are five little ways to make your spare space the place to be when you want some creature comforts:

Ditch The Clutter

A cluttered spare bedroom is stressful! You need space. It needs to look clean, tidy and a welcoming space.

If you’re currently hoarding a load of work stuff, technology and midn boggling stuff in your bedroom, take all the work stuff out of there and work on organising it into the spare room. You need a bedroom without distraction of work reminding you of how much you have to do, and the spare room makes the perfect place to hold all of this!

You can always get a smart, modern desk, some organised shelving, and make it a place you go in to sit on the laptop when you need to focus on work.

Make The Spare Bed The Focus

Although it’s great to have a spare room double up as an office, wardrobe room or play room, remember it’s first purpose should be a spare room. You can easily do this by investing in quality double sofa beds, which can be decorated with plush cushions and cosy throw over blankets when not in use as a bed.

Remember, the eye is drawn to the bed of any bedroom, spare or main, and with a little research you can make your spare bed look super comfortable and cosy.

If you load up the double sofa bed with cushions and throws to match the colour scheme of the room, the room will look modern and fresh during it’s off-use days, and then when someone needs to stay, the cushions and throw can come into play setting the sofa bed up as a main bed.

Add Textures To The Room

Whether you layer rugs or you add comforters on top of sofa beds and throw pillows on top of sleeping pillows, your spare bed needs texture to look irresistible.

Add different wood and metal furnishings as well around the room – different picture frame materials works well here. You want to thicken up the decor so that the room looks smart.

Utilise Stylish Storage

Nothing looks more messy than clothing rails on show, or wardrobes that are so chunky and sticking out that they actually take up valuable space in your spare bedroom. The tidiest, most sleek and clever way to store your clothes is to look at fitted wardrobes.

If you’re going to use your spare room as both a bedroom and a storage place, look at getting fitted storage to neaten the whole room up. Fitted wardrobes are one of the best options, as they look tidy, discreet and stylish, and they will free up so much space in your room.

Invest in Quality Materials

Don’t be alarmed – quality materials don’t have to cost the Earth. It’s what you go for that matters.

Your spare bedroom could be made more of a little retreat room if you have your favourite cuddle chair in there, under a huge, oversized lamp. Look at quality lighting which will set the ambience.

When it comes to the bedding for your spare bed, or the cushions and throws you drape over a sofa bed when not in use, look for high thread count. These look and feel like luxury, and can really give guests hat feeling of staying in a more premium feel bed.

If the room has wooden flooring, look at fluffy wool rugs to create that warm, soft feeling on the feet. It’s just little touches when done right, make all the difference.

Make sure you get the best use out of your spare room, and that it doesn’t end up turning into one of those ‘dumping rooms’ we’re all getting guilty of owning!

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