Lifestyle: How To Create An Inspiring Bedroom

The bedroom. It’s a tranquil place to relax. It’s a place to let out the tension that you’ve been holding in all day. It’s the place to relax and have a lie in on a Sunday morning, a place to find out more. About yourself and your partner.

Your bedroom is the place that you want to be to recharge and feel good again, so it needs to be as comfortable as possible.

The colder weather is starting to set in, and the last thing that you need is a bedroom that feels uninviting and sparse of anything soft and wooly! Upping the cosy factor in your bedroom is an absolute must before the weather really does freeze over out there.

The good news is that there are five good ways to make your bedroom the place to be when you want some creature comforts, and we’ve got all five below.

    1. Ditch The Clutter.
      A cluttered bedroom is stressful! You need space. Clean, tidy space, it relaxes your mind and makes you feel like you can just breathe out and be done with the worry for the day. Take all the work stuff out of the bedroom, all the computers and technology and files and put it elsewhere. You need a bedroom without distraction of work reminding you of how much you have to do.
    1. Cosify Your Bed.
      The eye is drawn to the bed of any bedroom, and with a little research you can make your bed the most comfortable, cosiest thing in the room. A thick mattress, colourful and warm bedding, plump pillows: it all looks fantastic when arranged right. Sumptuousness is important in a bedroom, and you need to add it to your to do list. Ted & Stacey’s have eye-opening reviews which can make or break your master bedroom.
    1. Add Textures.
      Whether you layer rugs or you add comforters on top of duvets and throw pillows on top of sleeping pillows, your bed needs texture to look irresistible. Add different wood and metal furnishings as well around the room – different picture frame materials works well here. You want to thicken up the decor so that the room looks smart.
    2. Stylish Storage.
      Nothing looks more messy than clothing rails on show, or wardrobes that are so chunky and sticking out that they actually take up valuable space in your bedroom. The tidiest, most sleek and clever way to store your clothes is to look at fitted wardrobes. If you are lucky enough to have a spare room which is just being used for piling up clothing, why not make it into a place to host walk-in wardrobes?

      Fitted wardrobes look neat and stylish, and they will free up so much space in your bedroom.

    1. Quality Materials.
      Your bedroom may have your favourite cuddle chair under a huge and oversized lamp. You also may have a king sized bed, which needs some TLC. Go big with your materials that you use for bedding. The best materials make for a comfortable bedroom just by looking at that
      high thread count.

  1. Family Friendly.
    A bedroom is for more than just sleep and, well, you know. Make it family friendly. Get the kids piled under the duvet and watch a movie with a bucket of popcorn (and a hand held hoover to one side for crumbs). Making your bed a space for everyone to be in can mean that you’re providing a comfortable haven for your whole family.

The bedroom is the one place that your comfort matters the most. Make your bedroom the place you want to be, not the place you end up.

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