Willowberry Sustainable Skincare Review

This year, I’ve been making more of an effort to focus reviewing a combination of sustainable beauty brands, and independent beauty brands. I myself am trying to be much more in favour of those brands with a strong ethical stance. And as for the indie side of things – well, who doesn’t love supporting independent brands?

On today’s agenda is a review of Willowberry – an award-winning independent British beauty brand loved by top make-up artists & facialists. Of course, for complete clarity, I do receive a lot of products from brands offering me opportunities to review. What you probably don’t see behind-the-scenes that I’m incredibly ingredient picky.

I’ve always been a sufferer of acne (if you fancy watching how I cover it up in an attempt to fool the world, you can see my latest video here), and more importantly, I have the marks and scars to show for it. When two Willowberry products arrived at my home, the first thing I spotted was ‘Chia, Rosehip, Vitamin E’ on the box. SOLD.

Rosehip is an essential high-performing natural skincare ingredient for anyone struggling with acne marks, redness or lightly scarred skin. So straight away I was eager to try.

A bit about the brand: after researching them more intensely mid way through my period of trying out the products, I found that they lead with heart, integrity and transparency. They care about making a difference: to your skin, your self-esteem, the transparency of their industry and to our world.

They focus on only using high-performing, nutrient-rich natural skincare products, packing their products with antioxidants, vitamins & essential fatty acids. I love that they use gently-extracted natural oils. I mean, quality rosehip oil isn’t cheap, but it’s totally worth it when infused into products alongside other nutrients.

Just covering off the sustainability aspect of this brand below, so you guys know exactly what they stand for:

  • Cruelty-free
  • Glass bottles & jars
  • Recyclable boxes
  • Sustainable and ethically sourced ingredients
  • UK manufacturer
  • 100% recyclable parcel packaging; even the tape
  • Always using the smallest parcel size possible

I’ve been incorporating two of Willowberrys products into my cleansing regime this week to see what I thought of them so far…

Willowberry Nutrient Boost Cleansing Balm

I love a good cleansing balm, and this one is a soft, luxurious texture acting as a daily cleanser to help nourish, purify and comfort the skin. I do tend to always use a little bit of micellar water to remove my makeup first before using a cleansing balm, but mainly because I’m wear quite heavy makeup and I like to always use this to take away the ‘thick stuff’ first!

Firstly, this cleansing balm (£29.99) has a beautiful scent which makes me reminisce of spa days, aromatherapy, and total relaxation. It’s actually really therapeutic to use: I just scoop a little up between my fingertips and massage into my skin for around 20 seconds. A perfect excuse to give myself a little facial!

I rinse it off with warm water and sometimes use a muslim cloth rinsed in warm water to remove the last traces. It contains rosehip, chia seed and vitamin E, so it’s gentle for the skin yet moisturises, hydrates, and boosts the skin with nutrients and vitamins as it cleanses.

I can literally feel this balm melting away the dirt and grime, as I inhale the lovely natural essential oils. If you want your cleansing regime to be much more like indulgent pampering, then I recommend a product like this for your morning and evening (I just use it for evenings only, but you can possibly use it for both!).

Willowberry Nutrient Boost Day Cream

After applying any serums or face oils, this Nutrient Boost Day Cream (£27.99) makes a fabulous moisturiser. I’ve found it handy for people like me to use who have spot-prone skin yet also struggle with dry, dull, and early aging skin. It’s natural, so no irritation, and super hydrating. Although it’s packed with rosehip and other essential oils, it has a lovely non-greasy face cream formula.

I did some research into this product and apparently this is one of Willowberry’s much-loved products. So much so, this Day Cream has now been boosted with powerful actives of hydrating hyaluronic acid and innovative antioxidant Fireweed. Hyaluronic acid is by far the best ingredient to keep skin hydrated, plump and moisturised, so by having large amounts in…. well, it’s kinda perfect for those looking for younger looking, fresher skin.

Again, the use of 3 powerful natural ingredients – rosehip, chia seed and vitamin E – work to nourish the skin, help to fade marks, encourage the easing of fine lines, and of course, give you that refreshed glow.

I found my skin looked healthy, bright and glowing after using this. I noticed it after around 3 days of use, so if you don’t see that healthy glow straight away, just hang in there. Rosehip oil and hyaluronic acid will almost definitely give you results in a couple of days (in my experience, obviously I’m not a skincare professional!).

As I mentioned before about the spa-like, almost aromatherapy-like scent, the entire Willowberry range is scented with coriander seed and geranium from natural essential oils, which give out that indulgent pampering feel.

Price wise, I feel like this range is reasonably priced to say that you’re getting the luxury of glass bottles and beautiful packaging, high quality natural ingredients and essential oils. Most day creams and night creams retail at around £27.99, the cleansing balm £29.99, and eye creams/ facial oils around £26.99. They also do travel sizes if you want to dip your toe into the range first (not literally by the way! Face only!) without spending the full amount. And, if you buy more than one product, you can get multi-packs at more value prices.

A great natural, indie beauty brand that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed using up to now, and would love to explore the range further!

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