How To Cover Acne Flawlessly – Video Tutorial

One of the strange things about having acne and suffering from the marks and scars for so long, is that you become that good at covering it, some people never even realised! When I say ‘some people’, in my case it’s usually the people who see me from afar, and not so much super close up. Definitley those who watch my Instagram Stories or see me at blogger events.

And that – my friends – is because I managed to somehow perfect the art of covering it up for all the years I’ve had it!

Since being 15 to the age of 33, skincare has got smarter, foundation more fuller, and setting powder so flawless.

The below photo shows my face, taken with my iPhone, with no editing. Acne? WHERE?

I recently posted a video on my Instagram last week where I sped up doing my full face of makeup, and had lots of you ask me to slow it down and share a proper tutorial.

So to answer this, I filmed an updated one for my YouTube channel, showing you the products I use for creating daily makeup looks. I purposely use all the products involved because they are brilliant at hiding acne, and are ones I’ve had great success with. Take a look!

I marked this video as safe for kids, which means on YouTube, they remove the ability to comment. But if you have any questions, my email is

Thanks guys!

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