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If there is one area of my life that has grown significantly, whether it be based around work or pleasure, it has to be creativity. When I say creativity, it literally spans so many areas. I’m an influencer and content creator for a living, and at one point it meant endless writing of blog posts and journalism – days spent sat behind a laptop typing away.

Now, I spend most of my time in Manchester, mainly at events, meetings, masterclasses, brand launches, brand meet-ups, studios, out on location, filming… everything has suddenly gone interactive, social and visual, and I LOVE it.

I tend to be in Manchester a couple of days a week, taking part or attending some form of event, run by charities, retail brands, restaurants, magazines, brands… etc etc…

Manchester – the creative city!

Being in the creative industry in Manchester means that the majority of brands, companies and people I collaborate/work with 9/10 times will hold some form of event. Everyone gets to meet everyone: bloggers, creators, brands, designers, whoever is involved. Everyone gets to learn more, take part, and see the brand or company in a clearer light.

At one point, I used to just speak to other brands and bloggers over email. Now there’s a blogger event run by brands weekly in Manchester. There’s drinks, food, entertainment and goody bags involved, but more so, there’s always something fun and interactive to do whilst there.

Which leads me to share some brilliant news which falls in line perfectly with how my own life – and many others – has changed: London’s Event Academy is coming to Manchester, and I can’t personally think of a better education route to follow!

It’s just a given: Manchester is bursting with creativity, and the days of corporate and ‘stuffy’ PR, marketing and networking has moved on by miiiiiiles. Everything is centred around fabulous events. Creative and business industries all over the UK now focus on events to push their brands, market their products, meet the right people, and promote venues.

I couldn’t think of a better city for Event Academy to launch in…

Fast-track into a career in Event Management

I’m also a bridal makeup artist along side being a blogger, and one thing I’m looking at this year is to run my own event. It’s a competitive industry out there, and professional photo albums on my Facebook page no longer cut it. I need to be offering something different to attract the ladies out there to know about my makeup service, and the next step is to run my own event.

But with events, it’s important to get them right. Which is why I was super excited to hear that in October 2018, the  intensive week-long Foundation course in event management is coming to Manchester with Event Academy, offering a level 3 qualification and opening those doors to the most exciting career.

If you are organised, have oodles of energy and enjoy going out a lot, you’ll be perfect for events.

Over the past 10 years, a career in this industry has become one people aspire too, rather than drift into. This isn’t  a career for wallflowers though, as a big part of the job is meeting people. It’s a rewarding, ‘work hard party hard’ ethos. Stressful indeed, but fun and creative.

A recent YouGov survey also found that the vast majority of people working in the industry wouldn’t swap careers. Pretty impressive, right?

The Event Academy opens up your journey into the industry with their unique Foundation Event Management course, accredited by the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM – which is really important for those wanting a recognised and highly reputable qualification).

The course in a nutshell…

Here’s a little more about the course to give you a full idea:

  • Week-long Foundation Certificate in Event Management to give you practical event management training, focusing on an introduction to the events industry and event management.
  • A CIM accredited qualification in event management in just one week, to fast-track and inspire your career in events.
  • An insight into Manchester’s international events hub, including many incredible venues and global event agencies.
  • Marketing and business skills to make your CV stand out.
  • The confidence to launch or progress your event management career.
  • Access to a unique network of event industry contacts and volunteering opportunities in Manchester/UK.
  • Access to the alumni network and volunteering/job opportunities.
  • A stepping stone to the higher level professional Diploma and Postgraduate Diploma courses.

It’s a hands-on course – so plenty of opportunities to be more ‘practical’ and visit venues/agencies including WRG, the Museum of Science and Industry and the Castlefield Rooms. It covers everything from venue management and wedding planning, to event planning, documentation and creativity in events, so a real wide and varied knowledge is gained.

The Course Director will be Josef Jammerbund, former Head of Events at the British Fashion Council. He’s got so much knowledge and experience in this field, which makes it a great opportunity to learn from someone with such a wealth of experience and knowledge.

I’m going to be learning, too!

And in other news, I’m going to be attending the course for a day too! I’ll be heading along to a one day course run by Guest lecturer Abigail Lucy – specialist in high-end wedding planning. I feel like I’ll learn so much which I can relate to my bridal makeup business by attending this course, especially if I need to be upping my game in the industry, and event planning is something I could do with bringing in.

The 5 day course costs £1,250, and will run from Monday 8th October – Friday 12th October  2018. Contact the Events Academy here. The days will run from 10:00 – 16:00 daily at Headspace, Manchester, although you’ll spend some time across a variety of venues in Manchester for off-site lectures and site visits.

It promises to be intensive, practical and fun! But more importantly, it opens up that window for a brand new, shiny career – one of the most rewarding, in-demand and growing industries now in the UK.

Get 10% off!

I’m offering all my readers and followers a fantastic 10% off if you wish to book onto the course. All you have to do is use the code EAMFEC1 to get your 10% off!

A Levels and your next step…

I’m aware a lot of you will be finding out your A Level results, which made me think of putting this post together to perhaps give some inspiration or ideas to some of you. Perhaps you didn’t get the grades you wanted, or, perhaps you want to take your grades and put them into something thriving.

If you’re not super academic but still want to have footstep into a world where business meets creativity, this could literally be the path perfect for you.

And don’t worry if you’re grades weren’t what you was expecting – with the help of fast-track courses like this, you’re career has only just begun!

Check out the course brochure here
Full course information is all outlined here

Let me know if I’ll be seeing any of you in October!

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