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Knutsford is one of my very favourite places to go, whether it be drinks, dining, shopping, or a nice day out at Tatton Park and beyond. I live between North Manchester and Newcastle-Under-Lyme (boyfriend, mortgages, all those situations which mean I live in two places!) and Knutsford is actually splat bang in the middle.

So when it comes to dining out and enjoying a few cocktails on a Friday night, we’ll usually head into Knutsford, Hale, Alderley Edge – those really nice places I wish I could actually live in (but not quite there yet!).

A place I return to time after time is the Lost and Found in Knutsford.  I mainly like this venue as a bit of a ‘failsafe’ place for me to visit as it ticks a lot of boxes. And if it’s not broke – why fix it?

Lost & Found was originally Knutsford’s Old Town Hall, a romantic, gothic, Grade II-listed building created by Alfred Waterhouse (the designer of Manchester’s Town Hall). When you enter, you have the downstairs bar area which is spacious, with high ceilings and old features done up to a modern and sophisticated standard,

To dine, you’ll go up the old spiral staircase, with original features. It’s all designed to a whimsical wonderland theme, fitting well within the building. The lighting always gets me – huge, dramatic chandeliers  which decorate the ceilings and drape downwards. So so pretty…


Lost and Found focus heavily on their cocktails, which in my opinion, they get right every time. They currently have a new Summer Drinks menu, with some real refreshing, al fresco drinking inspired concoctions, including the Japenese G&T (with Roku Gin Sensha syrup, Franklin & Sons Natural Indian Tonic Water and 6 slices of fresh ginger & flower sprig).

The Kings Cut sounded delicious too – The King’s Ginger Liqueur, Lemon juice, Angostura bitters, Franklin & Sons Natural Indian Tonic Water and Lemon twists & mint all muddled together in a huge gin glass.

However, I opted for the Ms Emily B Kinglsey from the ‘Professor Cocktails’ list,  with gin, Lanique Rose, Rhubarb, Indian Tonic Water and Lemon juice. It comes out as a light refreshing pink drink in a proper gin glass, muddled with ice and berries. Couldn’t complain – presentation and taste were both spot on.

You’ll look to pay around £9 – £10 for the majority of cocktails. It’s pricey, but its pretty much reflective of the norm these days, especially in Cheshire and Manchester.

My second drink of the evening was no other than one of my favourite classics: The Aperol Spritz. And this one was again done to perfection, in a huge glass topped off with slices of orange. You can’t beat one of these in my opinion – my ultimate Summer special!

My boyfriends cocktail was an interesting one. He’s not usually a cocktail type of guy, and as he was the designated driver, he decided to treat himself to just one, choosing carefully from the menu. He usually drinks dark liqueurs, bourbons and rums, therefore found the ‘Fifth Avenue‘ and went for that…

We were both pleasantly surprised at how nice it was, but also how strong it was! I actually helped him out as it was extremely strong, but so unexpectedly tasty. It mixed together Bourbon Whiskey, Luxardo Maraschino Liqueur, Cherry Liqueur, Cranberry juice,  and plum bitters.

It was intense, rich and with a kick of sweet cherry. Delicious in a different, unique way.

So, as I know a lot of you are much more visual and prefer ‘seeing’ menus these days rather than me rabbiting on with a full intense list, here’s some snapshots of their food menu… (full menus can be found here)

We decided to go for a sharer as our starter, as I’d been eyeing up the Lightly Dusted Squid anyway to start, so it made sense for us to go with the Frito Misto – lots of breaded fish all piled high in a basket for us with a garlic mayo.

For £18, you get a large portion of fish to share, including deep fried tempura king prawns, red mullet, whitebait and lightly dusted squid. This is easily a sharer for 3-4 people too, we got loads and decided not to finish it all so we had room for mains and dessert! The whitebait was my favourite, although all the fish was tasty and cooked properly – no chewy bits.

The other sharing boards looked ideal too – the Antipasti with a selection of cured meats, Italian olives, pickled gherkins, marinated mozzarella and toasted sourdough was tempting, and I’m sure that’s a popular one.

I actually went for a veggie option for my main, as every now again I enjoy a wholesome veg based meal with grains. This one is Lost and Found’s Chipotle and Quinoa Chilli, with avocado cream and toasted pitta bread. It was a toss up between that and the Coconut, Sweet Potato and Butternut Squash Curry, with sticky jasmine rice and coriander, but I think I chose well as the chilli was lovely! The avocado cream really made it (I;m such an avocado fan).

I have to say though that next time I go, I’m going to have to try one of the pizza’s. They looked incredible (noticed a few people around me ordering them), and pizza is genuinely my favourite thing to eat. The Spicy King Prawn or the Peri Peri Chicken are on my list…

My boyfriend went for the Chicken Milanese – a chicken breast with a sourdough crumb, caper & parsley butter and a fried egg on top. Served with a side of chunky sweet potato wedges, it was an ideal main for a big chicken eater!

Some other highlights that stood out for me included the Glazed Duck Breast with stir-fried pak choi, spring onion, red pepper, sesame seeds and pineapple ketchup, and the Poppy Seed Battered Hake with masala spiced chips, a minted pea raita and mango chutney dip.

Mains come in at around £9-£16, with steaks obviously setting you back more.  The great thing is that portion sizes are big – so be prepared for full plates!

Sadly it was only me who could handle a dessert (you’ll never find me refusing a dessert menu), so I went for the Peanut Butter Parfait, with banana caramel, honeycomb and sesame seed shards. I think it’s a new one for them, and it was like a frozen creamy banana in ice cream, with all the caramel and honeycomb bits. It was insanely good – like heaven on a plate.

Always happy with a trip to Knutsford and to visit this place. A great place for girly brunch dates (they have a new Grey Goose Bottomless Brunch that is also on my list to try out!) and for date nights, too. Afterwards, we walked into the main street in Knutsford and had a few drinks in some of the bars (more me anyway, having a bit of a cocktail crawl).

Fantastic night- huge thanks to Lost and Found for having us!

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