Beauty: My New Clip-In Hair Extensions From Covet Hair

If you have ever met me in person, you’ll know I struggle with volume and thickness to my hair. I don’t seem to have too much of a problem with growing the length, but adding thickness and giving my hair ‘some oomph’ seems virtually impossible.

It bothers me on a daily basis, because there’s just something about thick, full, voluminous hair that looks health and fabulous. So in a nutshell, I’ll just never have that look.

BUT – I may never get that look naturally, but it doesn’t mean I can’t create the illusion. Clip-in hair extensions are possibly the most versatile, affordable and easy way to create the look of fuller, thicker locks, so I decided it’s time to properly invest in some high quality ones, and start incorporating them into my everyday look.

I love discovering new brands, and the most recent hair extension brand I’m learning about is Covet Hair Extensions. This brand are literally experts in everything hair extension related, so much so I’m currently in the middle of putting a hair extension vlog together, sharing why I’m loving this brand, and everything about the new clip-ins I’m currently rocking.

Photos are great, but it’s even better to see them properly, so stay tuned for the vlog coming up next week (I’ll be letting you know when it’s here…)

But back to Covet…

Covet Hair was founded in 2011, and has a primary goal to supply top quality synthetic hair extensions at reasonable prices. Lets not pretend that the market isn’t flooded with inferior products and deceitful suppliers. Many times I’ve wasted my money and time on poor quality extensions over the years.

Covet work alongside an expert hair extension manufacturer with over 25 years of experience in the production of top quality human hair products, including I-Tip, Nano, U-Tip & Tape In Hair Extensions.

This lets them provide their clients with consistent quality, including Russian and Indian hair extensions. It’s important for salons and hair extension specialists to be working with brands that only offer top quality, and this is what they pride themselves for.

I was super tempted to go for the nano rings, but because my main concern is thickness and volume, I decided it was probably best I opt for the best clip-in extensions that give me the freedom to change my look, as and when I decide. Especially for when I want to wave my hair and give it that soft, tumbling beach wave look.

Try creating that with my fine, lifeless hair on its own and you get a flat scruffy mess just hanging there!

As you can see from my photos so far, Covet Hair Extensions clip-in range come in a large array of shades. I know people often worry about hair extensions matching properly, but with these, you literally get so many shades blended in, helping those that have highlighted hair or have a blend or two or three shades.

These that I have are a blend of the #16 and the #613, which pick up my cooler, whiter blonde tones, and the hint of caramel that comes through.

So, the clip-ins that I now own are the 100% Remy Clip-In Hair Extensions from Covet, perfect for those like me who do not want the commitment of permanent hair extensions. As soon as I took mine out from the packet, the texture was so soft and silky, just like natural hair. And it looks so natural too, so seamless, with a subtle shine and also strong to touch.

As they are 100% Remy, they blend perfectly in with my natural hair, feeling no different (perhaps just a bit stronger, as my natural hair is breaking from all the bleach!).

These clip-ins are applied to the head using silicone lined pressure clips that grip your natural hair. They come in 6 weft pieces, outlined below (so you can add in as many as you like, but for the full, best effect, I would recommend all 6)

1 – 8″ weft with 4 clips
1- 6″ weft with 3 clips
2- 4″ weft with 2 clips
2- 2″ weft with one clip each.

I have the 130 gram, which is great for me. They also do a 90g, 170g, and a 210g too (so the numbers represent the thickness).

One of the first things I noticed about these 100% remy hair extensions is that the hair has a beautiful natural wave when left to air dry, which helps to boost the shape and ‘oomph’ of my hair too! I’d say that out of all the clip-in hair extensions I’ve had over the years, Covet Clip-Ins are by far the most suited to me and my very fine hair. The hair just blends in and thickens it all out, and the clips are so secure.

I haven’t had these for very long and haven’t got round to waving/curling them yet, but a tutorial on that is due to come soon!



Look at those ends! As you can tell, I’ve trimmed my hair extensions so they sit about half an inch longer than my natural hair length. The reason I did this is because I have to have a choppier cut to my hair, to try give as much illusion that there is some form of thickness there.

So I simply did the same to these extensions. I secured and clipped them in around my head to the perfect positioning, and then bluntly cut the ends so that they still sat a little longer than my own hair length, but mainly bulked out my whole head of hair, and gave me that instant thickness, shape and body that is so needed.

As you can see from the below photo (excuse my dark roots!), the side pieces which come with the weft pieces are perfect for clipping in just above my ears at the side, so they fill out the whispier, broken bits of hair that frame my face.

These 18 inch, 130g clip-in extensions retail at £110, but do check them out online as prices vary depending on gram and length.

I don’t want to throw any shade on any other brand of hair extensions I’ve used in the past, but what I will say is that these are so much more affordable than some big name competitor brands, and I feel a lot more comfortable recommending and advising these to my followers.

Stay tuned for more tutorials and styling stories!

(The ones that I have and I’m wearing here can be found at this link here)

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