Beauty: Can Skin Peels Help With Acne?

So – I did something I didn’t think I’ve ever really brave myself up to do. I made a vlog all about my troubles with acne, and how after years and years of being clear and happy, the dreaded acne has made a return.

Like it usually does, once you have it it doesn’t really go away forever. However, there are things that can aid in healing the acne and the scars, for example, many people seem to state that vitamin e can help acne. It’s definitely a cure worth trying if everything before seems to have failed.–

As well as pesky acne, I’m also sporting lots of pigmentation from previous breakouts, spots that don’t seem to heal, and those lovely UV damage sun spots too!

So I decided to just talk about it on my YouTube – the products that have helped, the ones that haven’t, treatments, the sun, Roaccutane, diet, vitamins…. you name it…. I spoke about it:

Any support for the video would be so so amazing – I genuinely was so afraid of filming it, showing a bad flare up and speaking about the years I used to struggle, trying different things to make a difference.

In one way, it’s been the best learning curve. In the vlog, I highlight products and life factors which really did help (the pill Dianette and Yasmin being two, zinc being another, going dairy free and a few other factors) – I also learnt that the sun aggravates my acne, as does Biotin, two things that have positive effects on the majority of people.

In this blog post, I wanted to explore skin peels, and how they can help your skin, as I touch on my experience at Klnik in my latest vlog above.

So, I recently went along to KLNIK, a health and wellness clinic in Wilmslow, Cheshire, as I was booked in for a ZO Skin Health Ossential Stimulator Facial Peel. Let me just start by saying what a gorgeous, chic and super stylish clinic it is.

Take a look at the gorgeous interior below…

Specialising in aesthetics, Klnik is Cheshire’s destination clinic for skin, with an extensive range of aesthetic and wellness treatments available. They do everything from facial peels to their advanced hair robotic replacement treatment, ARTAS, and laser technology to slimming solutions.

In a nutshell, the facial peel I was booked in for was founded by expert global dermatologist Dr. Zein Obagi. The ZO Ossential Stimulator Peel renews the complexion instantly, and is gentle enough to be safe in the summer too, with no downtime.

It smooths fine to moderate lines, mild acne and scarring, age spots, uneven pigmentation and rough skin texture.

The peel combines salicylic, lactic and citric acid to promote exfoliation and stimulate cell turnover revealing brighter and healthier skin.

After my consultation, my therapist actually took me for a full skin analysis using what looked like a pretty state-of-the-art machine, to fully analyse my skin. It scanned in my face from various angles, and then looked into various categories, showing me the areas I should be more concerned about.

It was sooooo interesting – I highly advise anyone to have something like this done, because it truly shows you things you may not have known about your skin. For example, on the UV damage screen, my UV damage was extremely high and a cause for concern, as the screens shown me all my areas of pigmentation.

My pores were larger than I thought too, where I was shown all the areas of my face with enlarged pores. However, my wrinkles weren’t too bad (I mean, could be better but ah well!), and it turns out I have a very low amount of bacteria on my face. Which proved to me that my acne is definitely hormonal and not bacteria driven, which I had suspected but I guess I could never be too sure.

The ZO Skin Health Stimulator peel lasted around half an hour, as my therapist did a deep cleanse and prepped my skin, before applying the peel.

It tingled a little, but nothing uncomfortable, and it soon faded. The photos above show my skin the morning of the peel, before having it done. The photos below are taken directly after – revealing no redness, pain, or any tell tale signs of down time.

Afterwards, I felt like the peel had deeply worked on the lower levels of my skin to try to rid some of my pigmentation. I would obviously need a course to properly remove the pigmentation fully, but after this one session, I noticed results immediately.

It also seemed to bring down my angry red spots, making them less red in colour, and smaller in size. My overall complexion was glowing, fresh and healthy looking, and I genuinely happy with the treatment I received.

I feel that skin peels are a great way for an instant result, and one that can be tailored to each individuals concerns. For example, not I’m suffering more and more breakouts, it would be handy for me to go back and look at a course of specialised, tailored skin peels that can tackle the horrid acne forming around my jaw line.

A huge thank you to the staff at Klnik – they made me feel so welcome and were extremely knowledgeable with everything I wanted to ask about skin health, treatments and solutions. And may I add, what an absolutely stunning clinic!

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