Lifestyle: Six things to consider when planning a wedding

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Weddings are supposed to be the loveliest of celebrations, ones that create lasting memories and establish a potentially lifelong bond between two soulmates. Such a momentous event should be relaxing and entertaining for the bride, groom, and all of the invited guests.

Thus, it is imperative to properly plan and arrange a wedding way ahead of time to avoid a massive disappointment. So if you are planning your big day, consider the following 6 tips:

1. Make sure you are happy with ALL the details

Weddings are anxious times, but you can take a lot of the stress off yourself by making sure that every decision you make and every option you chose is something you are comfortable with. This can be right from the band you chose at your event, the wedding rings you both chose to wear, right down to the hairstyle you opt for on the big day.

Men can sometimes feel uncomfortable about wearing wedding rings, so make sure your partner has just as much say as you when it comes to choosing them as you. But start way back – way back with the engagement rings. You want both your wedding ring and engagement ring to work in tandem with each other. You want to look at your finger and love them both. Drop hints early on as to whether you love traditional engagement rings or more vintage style handmade engagement rings.

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2. Arrange Plates, Utensils, and Favours

Waiting until your guests begin to arrive to start the process of setting up is a common mistake. Ideally, your guests should arrive to pre-arranged tables complete with dishes, utensils, and a bag of wedding favours. Many people choose to have their guests retrieve their own plates and utensils before serving themselves from a buffet, but this option is obviously not as convenient as a pre-arranged setup.

Make sure your table setups have the ‘wow’ factor. A pretty, impressive table display will really stick in your guests mind and impress them, and also makes a great photo opportunity too!

3. Don’t Let the Pressure Stop You From Being Nice and Hospitable

Often, the stress and anticipation of planning a wedding can create a very hectic environment on wedding day. Don’t let the logistical burdens stop you from having a good time and enjoying the company of your guests. Greet everyone with a smile and remember that this is supposed to be a beautiful day, and beautiful things are never perfect.

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4. Invest in a quality hair and makeup team

Some brides can be put off by the prices offered by professional hair and makeup artists who cater for weddings. You can sometimes look ti pay around £75 for the bride and £50 for the bridesmaid for makeup alone, but finding a high quality artist is crucial.

Don’t make this an area you scrimp on. If yo dislike your hair or makeup, you’ll never be happy on the day. Plus, you need an artist who uses only the best products and has a professional technique.

Why not try having your trial around your hen party, so you can really test it?

5. Plan Seating Strategically

Who wants to be cramped into a pew less than an inch from the next person while perched in the back of a room hundreds of yards from the nearest room? Nobody, that’s who. Don’t make your guests feel like they’re trapped or set back too far from the food, festivities, and the ceremony itself. Everything should be close together, yet not close enough to give the feeling of being crowded.

6. Be proud of everything you have organised and planned

Remember, this is your day and you have put your heart and soul into making it your wedding experience. You want people to appreciate your efforts and see you as an expert at creating your perfect day.

From everything such as recommending engagement rings to brides-to-be (like engagement rings london) to advising on great hen party locations, the perfect florist or cake designs, be super proud and happy with everything you organised.

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