Lifestyle: A 2017 Life Update

I’m usually a blogger who blogs every day, or at least every other day, but you may have noticed it’s recently become a little more spread out. Basically, life has been getting increasingly crazy over the past few months, and I thought it the perfect opportunity to provide a little life update so you all know what’s been going on in the world on What Emma Did.

The best is to split it into sections – and I’ll keep it short(ish!) and sweet – so it’s a real flavour of life right now.

The Blog and Boutique as a blog is very much still going from strength to strength. Every now and again, life outside of the blog gets manic, and you may see a slowdown in posts and content. That is currently what is happening right now. However, the blog has reached its 7 and a half year mark, and I can promise you it will be here forever. Like, for many many more moons. Or until blogs no longer exist. It really is my baby and I’ll always be dedicated to posting content on here around beauty, fashion, food, fitness and travel.

As for the boutique, this is still going strong over at my ASOS Marketplace store, and also on its very own site, the What Emma Did Boutique. I’m currently waiting to book in for a Summer 2017 shoot, where I’ll be showcasing a lovely new collection of fresh outfits. These will still reflect my affordable price points, and will stick by my mantra of providing classic, timeless items.

Stay tuned!


A lot of you know about my work life outside of the blog, but for those who don’t, I’m a Marketing Manager for the beauty industry. Which naturally works very well with running this beauty blog! My career history lay within the fashion retail head office industry for around 8 years, before I made the move to beauty retail last year as Content Marketing Manager for US brands.

I’m now sitting under a more PR and Communications role, before moving in Marketing Management for Australian beauty brands later on this year.

It’s full on to be very polite. I usually get to the office at 7.45 each morning, and leave at 6, without leaving my desk for a break. It’s a fast paced, number crunching business and it’s safe to say it leaves me with little time for much else. But somehow I manage. I’m not quite sure how I do it – and so many of you ask me this when you meet me – maybe I’m Super Woman. I don’t know!


If you read this blog regularly, you may have come across my latest post about aiming to save 10k in a year. This is because I’ve got my sights set on upgrading to a lovely new house within the next 1-2 years. Ideally in Cheshire. This way, me and my boyfriend will live in-between both families, close to work, and in a pretty little area.

With this in mind, I’m pushing my boutique more so to help bring in an extra income. I’ve also cut out a lot of my ‘socialising spend’ so to speak, with big nights out or shopping sprees kept to a minimum.

I’m also looking at smarter options within finance when it comes to new purchases, for example, a new car. My current Fiat 500 is on its way out, needing a lot of work doing to it, where a newer, smarter model is needed. When car finances are involved, I’ve been looking at the leasing method, in particularly car leasing from ICL. If you drive a lot more aren’t so committed to owning your car outright or keeping it for a long period,  car leasing works out to be a suitable option, with manageable monthly payments.

Plus, it gives you the opportunity to select the exact car you’re looking for, with the best spec.


This is a tricky one. I’m currently living in Newcastle-Under-Lyme, on the Cheshire border, with my boyfriend. My own house is in Manchester, and a lot of my blogging and business work is in Manchester too. My family and friends are very much there too, so it involves a lot of travelling and visits back and forth. For the foreseeable, this will possibly continue.

In the meantime, I’m keeping myself occupied by dreaming of lovely new Cheshire houses by browsing local estate agents, like Savills, who specialise in this area. There’s nothing wrong with dreaming, right? I actually have no idea where I’ll be in a years’ time, as it all depends on mine and my boyfriend’s careers. But I guess the unknown can be quite exciting!

Life In General

Life is probably the busiest its ever been. In good and bad ways. Personal business work – such as my blog and boutique – is slightly under strain with everything else going on, but as ever, I’ll pull it back and next month could be completely different. Free time has been pretty minimum, and I do like to enjoy some leisurely time with my friends and family, which I miss a lot.

My relationship is in a very good place, and I’m excited about our future. I’m still managing to visit the gym 2-3 times a week, which could be improved, but I won’t be putting any more stress on myself there. I have a cruise booked in September with my family, I have my 31st birthday approaching, my best friends hen weekend and wedding, and a number of other exciting adventures. My work-life balance is probably suffering the most it has in a long while, but I’m positive I’ll turn it around somehow.

Completely aware this is lots of waffle for some of you, but sometimes penning out your current life situation can be very therapeutic for the mind. So I’ve actually enjoyed putting this together! In the meantime, feel free to follow my social channels for more daily updates… (Twitter + Insta: @whatemmadid_ )

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