Lifestyle: Simple Mothers Day Gifts That Are Easy To Prepare

It is always nice to show appreciation to mothers, especially with so many things they’ve done for us. It is even more special to appreciate them on Mother’s Day since it gives the little things you do that extra meaning. Well, as Mother’s Day is just around the corner, it means it is time to start searching for the best gifts to give this year.

For me, I’ve opted for tickets to The Woman In Black play at The Lowry Theater at Salford Quays. We both love a bit of horror, as well as a day out at the Theater, so it makes sense to book this for a lovely Mother and Daughter day!

No matter what you’re own Mother is into, A great Mother’s Day gift doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult to prepare. Sometimes, the simplest things matter more, especially when they come from the heart. Here, I’m going to take a look at some of the simple Mother’s Day gifts you can easily prepare…

Moments and Memories

We’re so used to storing photos and other parts of our lives digitally that we seldom print them or present them in physical form. This year, creating a scrapbook filled with great moments and memories may just be the perfect Mother’s Day gift to prepare. You will certainly enjoy the time you spend going through old photos of you and your mother while finding the best ones to add to the scrapbook.

Feel free just to add in some photos of yourself for her to keep (it’s not conceited, your Mum will love it!) and also capture the adventures and places you’ve visited together.

A scrapbook also works as a project that you can do with your siblings. Everyone in the family can add their own ideas to the collection of moments, making the set that much more special. On Mother’s Day, you can present the completed scrapbook and reminisce about all of those great moments together.

If you want to keep everything digital and easy to store, you can also create a video of the amazing moments you’ve had with your mum over the years. Digitize old VHS videos and compile clips from them into a video you can watch together. You could also share the finished video on YouTube and email her the link the morning of Mothers Day – I’m sure the world will enjoy those beautiful moments as much as your mum will!

A Fun Day Out

When was the last time you went out shopping with your mum, or travelled together for the day? Spending the day sharing a road trip or simply going out for a nice lunch can also be a great Mother’s Day gift to consider. Sometimes life gets so hectic, these moments can slip. You don’t have to prepare too many things for the special day- a list of places to visit, her favourite tourist spots or a reservation at her favourite restaurant/hotel is all that you need to get started.

A day out is also the perfect way to catch up. You can tell her more about the things you’re doing in life and let her share her stories. You can even go to the park together or spend the night at the cinema. Stop off at food markets, eat fish and chips along the river…. the adventures and experiences are sometimes the most heartfelt.

A Kindle and Her Favourite Books

This last gift idea is for those who want a gift that lasts, but one that is easy to prepare. A Kindle, along with several titles to read or a subscription to Amazon Prime, may just be the perfect Mother’s Day gift you’re looking for.

Don’t just stop there. Spend some time teaching her how to use the eBook reader and utilize its functions. You can even share a digital book together, giving you more things to discuss the next time you call her or come around for dinner.

As I said at the beginning, these Mother’s Day gift ideas are all very simple to prepare, and should be suitable. However, if you are in need of even more gift ideas, you can check out the Ladbroke’s Mother’s Day gift generator tool. Pick one you think your mother will love the most and get ready for a beautiful Mother’s Day this year.

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