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Recently, I’ve been asked a lot of very similar questions by lots of ladies around my skincare and beauty tips. Whether it be on social media, at work, or in person when meeting people, I find most of you are keen to know the answers to similar things.

As I’ve noticed a spike in queries recently, I suddenly had the brainwave to indulge in a sort-of Q&A with you all.

To make things easier, I’ve compiled a range of questions and answer’s around what I get asked about daily. And just a note- it’s worth bearing in mind that although I am overly excited about beauty, health, makeup and well-being, I am a Beauty Editor and writer by trade (as well as being a trained makeup artist), so I’m under no means ‘a professional’ or ‘expert’. All my advice and tips come from 15 years working within this industry (yep, I’m 30 years old, not 23 like I sometimes get asked, but hey keep that one coming for brownie points!) and from my own personal learnings!

Q: What is the best advice for clearing up acne?

I’d love to have a firm answer here, but I really do believe everyone is different. For me personally, the contraceptive pill helped my acne, but only those ones that are quite strong and are designed to clear up acne. These are Dianette and Yasmin. They can have a lot of side effects, so it’s always best to talk through with your GP.

In terms of skincare, looking after your skin to the ultimate standard is always advised. Cleansing with products which contain salicylic acid or glycolic acid are brilliant because they accelerate skin cell renewal, shedding away the breakouts or red marks left over from them and generate new skin. Dermalogica products are great for this. I also used to use an on-the-spot treatment from Mario Badescu called Drying Lotion, which you cover onto each spot as you sleep. It’s brilliant at clearing those pesky, cyst type spots.

Cutting out dairy and reducing sugar in my diet also helped me a little too. I recommend this to everyone who suffers acne. Some it works for, others it doesn’t, it really depends on your body.

Q: How can I sleep better? And what is the best night time routine and beauty regime?

Sleep is a huge factor to looking and feeling beautiful every day, but sadly I lack in this department and it’s on my new year’s resolutions list every year. The first thing is to detach yourself away from all phones, laptops and devices at least an hour before bed, but when you are a blogger, it’s extremely difficult.

I’ve started to try and get into bed by 10.30 on a weeknight, ready to wake up at 6.30 am. I’ve currently been really aware of the wider things though, like my mattress and pillows and how they contribute. Your pillow makes a huge difference to the quality of sleep you get, and from upgrading mine, I’ve noticed I’m staying in a much deeper sleep. Recently, I found a guide based on the best pillows, which was really insightful about how the type of pillow you sleep on can attribute to your sleep. From memory foam and feather, to down and synthetic, they can make such a difference,

I personally get the best night’s sleep tucked up in a down or feather packed duvet and pillow, as they are so comfy I literally just disappear into them like a cloud.

In terms of a night time beauty regime, I swear by the following:

  • Remove all make up, ideally with micellar water (I love Caudalie’s, but Garnier do a fab cheaper one too)
  • Cleanse face with preferred facial wash
  • Swipe the skin with a treatment product – I use Pixi’s Glow Tonic every evening before then applying my night time moisturiser.
  • Use this opportunity to apply any spot busting lotions which work whilst you sleep, or apply an intense eye cream. Your skin really does regenerate itself and absorb your products so much better whilst you sleep.

Lastly, I use thisWorks Pillow Spray for the nights when I’m struggling to switch off. It’s a god send and smells so lovely, relaxing the mind and creating a calm ambiance. You can find out more about it here.

Q. What lipsticks make lips look bigger?

As much as bright reds and deep sultry plums rein the catwalks, they actually make the lips look smaller. So only wear these if you have huge lips!

For small, thinner lipped girls like me, look at creamy, matte shades in more subtle colours. Nudes, rose pinks, creamy light reds, soft beiges and muted fuchsia shades give the illusion of a fuller lip, and when worked well with a lip liner the same shade as your natural lip, you can use these shades to build your lips up a little.

My favourite is Illamasqua Glamore in Rose Pout, which I’m wearing on the photos in this post

Q. How do I know which eyeshadows to wear?

You should feel free to wear any mascaras you feel suitable. However, it’s worth bearing in mind that certain shades do different things for different eyes. For example, if you have blue eyes of any type of tone, brown and grey eyeshadows and eye pencils applied make eyes pop and really stand out.

Try switching up your black eyeliner for a dark brown, and watch your blue eyes come to life!

For those with brown eyes, gold tones are amazing. The yellow tones contradict with the brown in the eyes, making the brown look clearer, deeper and brighter. Brown eyed girls can also really rock navy and purple shades too, which make lovely evening eyeshadow looks.

In nutshell, always looks at opposite colours which actually make the best eyeshadow choices. Green eyes pop with plums and pink toned shadows. If you didn’t want to put pink on your eyelids (which is understandable!), look at rose toned beiges or mauve shades.

Q. How can I make my hair grow faster?

I’ve done a lot of research into hair growth and attempting to help hair look thicker, and found it comes down to a few key points. One thing I swear by is a good quality hair supplement, or a skin, hair and nails supplement combined. I always find that after just 4 weeks of taking these daily, my hair growth has sped up to a noticeable standard.

Those supplements rich in biotin, zinc and vitamin C are key – so do look for these main ingredients. Aside from supplements, a diet rich in protein is great too, as your hair is pretty much made up of protein; it naturally needs more of it – in good quality of course. Eggs, milk, chicken, steak, cheese and yoghurt are naturally high in protein, so these are helpful to have in your diet for stronger, faster growing hair.

Another tip is to utilise thickening hair products which encourage growth. I personally use two brands, one called Salon Science, and one called Grow Gorgeous. Although whichever brand you use, try to use 3 complementing products. A shampoo, conditioner and treatment product (like a scalp spray) which all work together is the best option, and stick with them for 3 months! I rave about the Grow Gorgeous Density Serum a lot – you can read my thoughts on this here.

Q: What foundation do you use? Your skin looks so good!

I get these compliments a lot, and trust me when I say I do not have great skin. I suffer from breakouts and a lot of marks and scars from previous occurrences, meaning my complexion without makeup isn’t flawless. However, I take good care of my skin with the products I use, and wear a brilliant foundation which can trick anyone!

I use a combination of products in my skincare regime which have noticeably improved my skin. The first is the skin brightening range from Antipodes, in which the brightening facial wash, eye cream and moisturizer work wonders to give radiance and vitality to skin. I also rave about SkinCeuticals products – a science backed skincare brand. I used their LHA cleanser which fights acne and keeps skin clear, and follow with their number 1 best seller, C E ferulic. It’s an antioxidant which contains high amounts of vitamin C and Ferulic acid to protect the skin, and treat any signs of photo-damage and pigmentation.

To finish, I swear by the SkinCeuticals Triple Lipid Restore 2:4:2 cream, which literally plumps my skin and gives this glowing, smooth finish. It’s truly beautiful!

As for my foundation, I swear by Vichy Dermablend foundation, which literally covers everything with the tiniest bit of product. The Nude shade is the perfect match for my skin, and the formula is so silk and smooth, it literally just glides onto my face perfectly (full review here.)

I hope the above give you a little more insight into what I really believe in when it comes to beauty regimes and recommendations. The answers are all currently reflections of what I’m using, or tips I’ve picked up along my beauty career. If there is anything else you wish to know, feel free to ask me a question via email, in the comments bow below, or via social media. Thanks!

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