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A lot of you often ask me what I do during my day job, when I’m not running this lifestyle and beauty blog, and working on my boutique shop. So I wanted to put a little post together today which snapshots my life outside of – although it is (in some ways) fairly similar!

In a nutshell, I’m a Beauty Editor and Marketing Manager for online beauty retailers, specialising in International sites. So your USA’s, your Australia’s, etc.  The job is incredibly varied; one day I can be writing articles about how to treat pigmentation and prevent sun damage to the skin, the other I’m on set filming makeup tutorials with some amazing brands – like Illamasqua.

On other occasions, I can be running PR campaigns, aiming for press coverage and putting together the latest news and findings from the brands which are newsworthy. Then there’s general on site activities, like SEO, page building, reports, liaising with brands about promotions and marketing strategies, photo shoots, online campaign planning, and all sorts!

I’m lucky to work within the beauty industry, because it’s a rare opportunity when you live in and around the North West. And those days when I receive thank you packages from some of my favourite makeup, skin care and hair care brands, well they really make it worth it!

If you want to work in a similar industry, there’s a few things that really help. Running your own blog or online site is key – and I’ve heard lots of people over time in my career say that from analyzing my blog and social channels, it’s helped secure me a role. Running a blog shows you have an interest in online marketing, websites and SEO, which believe me: it’s the future.

Also, doing a bit of work experience contributing to online magazines or print really helps develop your writing and communication skills. You may have to do it for free at first, but if you enjoy it, it’s a brilliant way to build a portfolio, learn about the industry, and get some credible by-lines.

Be prepared to start off as an assistant, whether it be an e-commerce assistant writing product descriptions and loading product imagery to a fashion/beauty retailers site, or a PR assistant, packaging up samples and doing ring rounds for the press. Starting off this way gives you the building blocks into the hectic world of online marketing and retail, and although you may be fed up of being the ‘tea girl’ on photo shoots, one day you’ll be directing them.

Believe me – I’ve been there. 8 years ago, I was the girl who unpacked samples and measured them up against models. I now direct and execute my own beauty videos and photo shoots, and the feeling of a finalised production knowing you were in charge the whole way is pretty incredible.

And it’s worth noting that although is a business, there was a time when I would write for numerous magazines in London, for nothing at all except the satisfaction of getting my name printed. I didn’t receive free products or anything back then as a thank you. But now I’m the one sending out thank you presents to the girls who now intern for me. What you put in really does pay off.

On that note, I’m going to leave you with my latest video production celebrating 20 years of beauty, for’s birthday. I put together these fun, celebratory videos which showcase what the brand is about, and highlight the journey through 20 years in the beauty industry.


And now for the quicker, 30 minute social edit…

Thanks for having a read, and I hope this piece is of interest to those who often inquire about my day job, and wanted tips on how to get there themselves!

Remember, I’m always open to help and provide advice. Just drop me an email, or contact me on my social channels, or even leave a comment below….

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