Interior Trends To Look Out For in 2020

As we approach the last month of 2019, it’s time to get focused on the 2020 interior design trends which are starting to come through.

Pinterest, interior magazines, Instagram and home improvement websites are now updating themselves to represent a fresh set of home and garden trends, giving us new themes and colour inspiration to look forward to.

Whether you’re hoping to give your home a little makeover for next year, or you just have a keen interest in interiors and home design, it can’t hurt to get ahead of the game.

Below, we have shared a little bit of insight to give you a taste of what to expect for spring/summer 2020. Along with highlighting three key themes and colours, you may notice that some of the listed trends listed may offer new ways to update an existing décor, without having to completely overhaul your home.  

Here are the main ones you need to know about, which suit a variety of personalities and home styles:

Trend 1: New Country

A trend which will warm the hearts of those living in older homes or cottages away from the bustling city is New Country, celebrating the serenity, peace and warmth of country life. This New Country trend which is slowly coming through is in-keeping with the cosy, quaint feel of cottage life, yet brings along a classic, modern vibe to the mix.

Think natural beauty, neutral colourways and raw materials with a modern twist. Timber finishings will be warmer in colour, with camel and grey adding more intensity. Scandinavian and Japanese influences are set to come through in the form of cleaner lines and sharper shapes, with accent colours and more prominent textures.

The overall desired look of this trend is around strategically adding character, while still remaining clean and giving a nod to nature.

For those wanting to follow up on this trend, why not add a New Country twist to dining rooms or home offices with striking black wooden chairs, or grey slate coasters and dining mats?

Textures can be brought to life through light coloured tweed throw overs, leather cushion covers and natural wood grain furnishings. It’s all about mixing and adding charm, without taking away the homely country cottage theme.

Polished concrete floors with wooden furniture placed onto them – such as dining tables and chairs – is also a great place to start!

Trend 2: European Minimalism

Taking on vibes from European travels, the minimalism and luxury you can expect to see across Spanish and Greek villas is coming through to UK homes for 2020. Think of Marbella interior design – the premium look and feel that villas and apartments situated within the classy beachfront of Spanish locations have.

This trend takes influences on from the minimal yet stylish and sleek homes that you can expect to find in Mainland Spain and surrounding island. Think wooden shutters, high shine tiled floors, printed cushions and plain bedding in refreshing colours of white and cream. Think about the interior design in Costa Del Sol and other areas of Spain. It’s fuss-free yet feels like home. A perfect trend to embrace in your homes when Spring 2020 kicks in.

Trend 3: Simple Structures

The Nordic trend is one that repeats itself year after year, and it looks like 2020 is set to become no different. The entire Nordic retreat feel comes through strong again for 2020, but this time it focuses on creating a comfier, calmer, more stripped back feel. Think chilled out spaces promoting peace and relaxation.

This is the perfect interior trend for those feeling a little burnt out with their work-life balance, as this theme centers around making the home feel like a safe, inviting space to switch off and regenerate.

As 2019 saw all the shades of grey take the limelight, new neutrals are stepping forward for next year. Expect to see more warming colour palettes across all rooms of the home, including bathrooms and kitchens. Think of kitchens boasting a rustic ambiance with a focus on simple features, and for bathroom, think smaller, fuss-free modern spaces.

The warming feel for both of these rooms can be brought in by utilising wood where possible, so don’t be afraid to play around with different wooden shades and effects.

Of course, warm shades of wood can be hard to pull off in bathrooms, but this could be brought in via wooden laminate flooring, sat alongside striking white bathtubs and basins. A smaller, deeper bathtub could be worth investing in if you have a small sized bathroom, so do look at bathroom inspiration online and see how you can make the space more compact.

Trend 4: Eclectic Earth

This upcoming interior trend is one for the true boho lovers. Eclectic Earth is all about bringing unexpected textures and rich, earthy tones to the rooms of your home, while creating an inspiring bohemian space. It’s a warm, rich coloured trend, utilising all the desert shades of mustard, yellow ochre and terracotta.

This playful theme also infuses geometric prints and patterns, perfect for those who want to bring an element of travel to their home. It’s a more personalised trend, playing on keepsakes, memories and photographs to be incorporated with items that have deep meanings, creating a well-rounded home.

Bring this look into your home by layering up an array of warm colours alongside rich faux velvets and natural rattan. Scatter cushions and eclectic rugs are a great place to start, with this trend working best in the living areas of the home and the bedroom.

Do any of the three listed above appeal to you more than the other? Have they given you some serious 2020 interior inspiration? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below. 

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