Standing the Tests of Time: Signs Your Marriage is Going to Last

For most people, marriage is the ultimate goal of relationships, right? As most of you may know, I recently got engaged, so I’m super keen on hearing people’s stories around their engagements and marriages.

I’ve always been big on marriage. I mean, you don’t continue to date someone only to continue dating that person… for a lot of people, the goal of dating is marriage and if marriage isn’t the goal of the other partner then the relationship will be short-lived.

However, what people fail to realise is the actual sole purpose of marriage, and if you aren’t sure of its purpose, let’s refresh your memory.

Marriage is a joining of two people together for a lifetime. Marriage is so much more than walking down the aisle, the dress, the ring, and signing those papers… marriage is hard work and it’s a lifetime of hard work. The question you have to ask yourself is if you’re ready to work hard for your marriage… some people are too lazy for it and just want to give up on it.

Now, to be fair, nobody gets married in hopes of it ending in divorce… There are circumstances that call for divorce, especially when you’ve exhausted all efforts. Maybe you’re having financial issues in your marriage and need to consult with a bankruptcy lawyer. Maybe there are infidelities happening and the marriage needs counseling… If your marriage has gone through these types of situations and nothing has changed, it might be time to look into a divorce… but it’s all dependent on you.

But you should, of course, know that all marriages are going to have good times and bad times but the question is are you willing to ride out the storm together? If you think you are, take a look at these signs that will let you know that your marriage is going to last.

You Fight But You Fight in a Healthy Way

You may not realize it but fighting is a tell-tale sign that your marriage is going to last. You’re going to have arguments and misunderstandings with each other but if you don’t express how you feel with your spouse, they’re not going to know what’s wrong or why you feel and are reacting the way that you are.

You don’t have throw plates at each other but you also don’t want to give each other the silent treatment as well. Leave the lines of communication open… If you can do that, your marriage will definitely stand the tests of time.

You Socialise Together

There’s nothing better to put some spark back into your marriage than to socialise together. Maybe you two go to a poker game night with friends or go to the skating rink… the main thing is to get out of the house, as a couple. Sometimes we get so caught up in our everyday routines that we forget that we have a significant other that needs our attention, especially if you have children.

Take some time out for each other to socialise together; take things back to like when you were dating!

You’re Patient With Each Other

Marriage is a journey where you’re going to encounter some bumps along the road but if you have patience with each other to overcome those bumps in the road, you’re going to be able to endure the journey for a lifetime. According to, waiting for your anger to subside is a great way to practice patience as well as allowing our spouse to do things at their own pace. It’s almost the same approach with learning.

When you were in school, everybody didn’t learn at the same pace, so why wouldn’t you expect the same in a marriage? What people fail to realize is that even in marriage, regardless of how long a couple has been together, they still learn new things about each other all the time… It’s definitely a learning curb you both will have to approach with patience.

You Give Each Other Personal Space

People tend to think that when you’re married, the two individuals become one and never return to their individual selves. That’s not the case at all. Before a couple gets married, they’re two individuals and they’re still those same two individuals even in marriage and with that, it’s important to understand that even though you’re married to each other, that doesn’t mean that you can’t do something without the other person… that’s called giving each other personal space and it’s okay to do that.

If you can give your spouse their own personal space without feeling any type of resentment towards them, your marriage will definitely last.



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