How to Create a Festive Look Throughout Your Home

Long gone are the days of bringing out the same old baubles and draping tinsel around the tree; there is now so much more to Christmas décor nowadays. With so many options for decorating, how do you know what’s right for your space?

Here are just some of the top ways to incorporate the festive season throughout your home and bring the look together naturally.


We all know the festive season wouldn’t be the same without lights, but they don’t have to be just reserved for the outdoors and the tree. Why not try winding fairy lights along a bannister, or perhaps use small battery powered lights as décor on tables or shelving. These small additions of light can really make a space feel cosy and welcoming.

Soft Furnishings

Switching your soft furnishings for the winter months may be something you do automatically; bringing out the thicker duvets, warm woolly throws and even switching cushion covers to warmer shades of oranges and reds. But did you know it can also be beneficial to switch your curtains?

The summer months call for lighter, neutral colours, but darker shades in winter can help to create a cosy and warming atmosphere. Terrys Fabrics have a wide range of curtain fabrics for sale to help make the switch easier.


Extra little decorative additions around your home can really bring the festive look together. Include some winter scented candles or reed diffusers within your bathrooms, or perhaps get some festive potpourri, which looks and smells amazing.  

Other small decorations such as snow globes and winter themed ornaments in bedrooms, hallways or dining areas can really bring the look together.

The Tree

The tree of course is still the centre point of the festive season, and the lead up to Christmas day itself. If you fancy changing it up this year, consider a new colour scheme for your tree, or even consider adding a second tree! I love the idea of a second tree outdoors, decorated with colourful fairy lights, to really spread the festive cheer in the garden.

Whilst you may also want to hide some of the presents you’ve bought until Christmas day itself, it can really bring the tree to life to have some gifts wrapped and ready underneath!

Wreaths and Garlands

Decorative wreaths and garlands can be a great way to bring festive décor to life. Hanging a traditional wreath on your front door can be a great start, but why not use garlands as displays on tables, up the stairs or across windowsills. If you’re feeling crafty, you could also have a go at making your own wreath to really bring some personality to your festive décor.


There are so many ways to get creative with displaying cards. Whether you want to go traditional and display them on windowsills, or perhaps want to get innovative and incorporate them within other festive displays. Sticking them up the bannister or perhaps dotting them around the house can really spread the festive cheer. Another brilliant way is to utilise blank wall space is to drape ribbons and put the cards up with pegs!

There are plenty of different ways to incorporate the festive season throughout your home. Whether you want to stay traditional or try something modern and innovative to switch things up, whatever you do, make sure it reflects your personality and creates the perfect space for you.

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