Hollywood X-Press Personal Make-up Mirror: Perfect Christmas Gift for Ladies

And just like that – my 2019 Christmas gift recommendations have started to appear on the What Emma Did blog and also over at the WhatEmmaDid Instagram page, too! Well, we are in November after all, and I don’t know about you, but many people I know have started doing their Christmas shopping already.

I for one haven’t officially started, but I have been making shopping lists and figuring out what I need to buy for different people.

For those of you who have a lady in your life to buy for, whether it be your best mate, your Mum, Sister, Auntie, Cousin, work colleague, or even a Secret Santa, I just had to share this fantastic gift idea. Introducing the Hollywood X-Press Personal Make-up Mirror – a light up, illuminating mirror which is perfect to carry around for those who regularly need to check their faces!

I’m a part-time bridal makeup artist alongside running the What Emma Did blog and social media, so I find this more than ideal for me to keep in my kit. When my clients want to see my ‘creation’ once I have finished, I simply light up the mirror and hand it to them so they can see their complexion in the very best light.

Which made me realise just how handy this mirror would be for the ladies out there who are often on the go. Perhaps you know girls who go out for dinner and drinks after work. Perhaps you know someone who applies her makeup at her desk in the morning. Or even for the ladies who just need a damn good mirror when doing their skincare or makeup regimes in the morning or evening.

The best bit about this beautiful mirror is that along with being compact to hold and carry around, it is super sleek and lightweight. It can easily be popped into handbags or suitcases as needed, so that you have the dreamiest mirror with you to give the perfect diffuse light.

It’s simple to charge up via a USB cable (although I’ve found that after a full charge, the power lasts ages!). You just press the touch button to let the mirror light up, and voila, you have gorgeous bright white light that gives the impact of natural daylight.

You can easily adjust the touch-sensitive dimmer to set the light intensity too, if you or the person you’re gifting it to would prefer a brighter or dimmer finish, selecting a warmer or daylight effect.

The flexible folding mechanism lets you pop the mirror down on a flat surface or prop it up to stand up – it’s really up to you how you wish to adjust the viewing angle. When you are done, you just simple fold the mirror up and pop it into it’s luxury pouch, which is the same size as most tablets. So you can even pop your tablet in the pouch along with it. Work essentials! recharge and store X-Press nestled neatly with your tablet.

The Hollywood X-press mirror costs £29.99 and is what I like to call a beauty and lifestyle essential for most ladies out there. For those who live busy lives, it’s a handy, portable solution to giving you great make-up lighting on the go. For those who wish to use it at home, it means you don’t have to position yourself directly infront of windows to apply your makeup.

As you can see from the photos, when illuminated, the mirror look sophisticated and premium, making it a luxury item to own.

My sister and my best friend pop to mind for gifting this to for Christmas 2019 – what about you?

You can visit more items from Modern Mirror Design here.

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