How Wellness and Self-Care Trends Are Taking Over For The Better

Self-care and wellness are two of the biggest lifestyle trends of the moment – and all for extremely good reason.

Too many of us are working longer hours outside of our 9-5 jobs, as well as trying to squeeze in socialising, parenting, hobbies or working out.

But there’s one life aspect we missed out from the above list: relaxing. Remember what relaxing feels like? Many of us don’t as we become overly consumed with our hectic lives, juggling tasks and neglecting our own well-being.

Luckily, this has been brought to light over the past twelve months more than ever before. We’re now encouraged to invest in our well-being, incorporating practices like morning and evening routines which can help start and end our days more meaningfully.

Self-care and well-being can now be carried through to our everyday working lives, right through to our personal at-home life. Here are 5 ways to introduce it:

1. Embrace a daily ritual

There is nothing nicer in life than having something small to make you smile every day. We often focus on the negative, and overlook the little details which can bring instant joy.

Think about something you get a little bit excited about. It could be as small as blending up a tasty smoothie which you bring with you for your work commute, having that 15 minute catch up with your favourite colleague, or treating yourself to a mocha on your lunch break.

Everyone has different trigger points that deliver happiness, so make sure you think about you and what personally lifts you. When you realise what these trigger points are, however mundane they might be to others, make sure it is incorporated into your daily life.

2. Give yourself a break

Due to being super busy with work or family life, it can be easy to put off going on holiday or taking little breaks. Before you know it, a year has passed, and you haven’t even left your town!

Try to save time aside to go on at least one holiday a year, if funds allow. If you can’t push to spend on a holiday abroad, took around the UK at places like Wales or the Lake District.

If you do choose to go abroad, make the whole trip as easy and stress free as possible for yourself by planning everything in advance. Sometimes things cost more money, like booking seats together on the flight or a private taxi to take you to your accomodation, but these are time savers and create more enjoyable times, in which makes it money well spent.

On the other hand, you can take the stress off from driving to the airport and parking in expensive car parks by looking at alternative travel. Is there a train line that goes to your airport? Trains go to all the major airports, and if you live down south for example you can always jump on a quick trip, like the East Croydon to Gatwick airport train. No need to worry about driving or traffic!

3. Adjust your home to reflect wellness

When you come home from work or return from any activities or trips, you should immediately feel like you can relax and switch off from the responsibilities. However, there are certain factors which will work against this if you don’t bring elements of wellness into your home.

For example, an unorganised and busy looking home will only contribute to an already cluttered mind. Closed in spaces can also make us feel pressured, and it’s incredible how much colour plays a part on our moods too.

Firstly, you don’t have to sacrifice home and design trends in order to have an element of well-being in your home. Understand the effects that clean, minimal open spaces in the home can do for your mind, and how organising can change your life.

Remember how important it is to understand that what you visually see in and around your home and play havoc with your mood. Calming, light, clean colours can make you feel more relaxed. Insense burning or baking in the oven can make you feel safe and secure. Something I always recommend is to have fresh flowers in a pretty vase taking center stage on my wooden dining table. When I walk into my kitchen in the morning to make my breakfast, I’m greeted with the flowers – both the look and the aroma – and it instantly cheers up my mind. Take a look a few flower companies online who send flowers through the post – they are worth every penny in my opinion!

4. Have an inspiring work space

The area that you sit in everyday will have such a huge effect on your mood and mind – more than you could ever think. In order to feel enlightened and happier on a daily basis, this space should give off as many positive feelings and contribute to your mood.

Overall, the cleaner and tidier a working space is, the more clarity your mind should have. It’s all about enjoying coming into work to a clutter-free space, filled with things around you that make you smile. This can be anything from quirky slogan stationary, your favourite mug, photos of loved ones or even little positivity card pinned onto aboard.

Also, don’t forget the power of plants! Plants bring an element of nature to your day, and by having a small desk plant perched onto your work space will not only look attractive but work towards bringing a calming atmosphere.

5. Make your diet a priority

By this, we don’t mean obsessing about what you consume and put into your body, as that can do the complete opposite for your well-being. It’s more about understanding the importance of eating a balanced diet and drinking lots of water, and in general, being much healthier than you may currently be.

One way is to challenge yourself to keeping your water bottle topped up, whether at home or at work. This can be tough for those who don’t enjoy sipping away at water, but by investing in a stylish water bottle you enjoy drinking from can actually work wonders!

Be more aware of the foods you eat, and how they can affect your mood too. It’s easy to fall into that 3pm slump where we reach for high sugar snacks or heavy carbohydrates. Try preparing for this beforehand by preparing a mix of chopped fruits and nuts into a container and nibbling away when you start to feel more mood plummeting. If you enjoy baking, you could even prepare a healthy home-baked granola bar that you make at the start of the week and bring in for your snack with a cup of tea!

Remember that although incorporating self-care and wellness into your life may seem difficult at first, once mastered, you’ll be so impressed with the difference it makes. Bear in mind the above steps and remind yourself to carry out self-care practises daily. The sooner you do, the sooner you’re on your way to a more balanced life filled with self-care.  

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