The Vaping Trend: How To Know If Vaping Is The Right Step For You To Stop Smoking

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We don’t need to be reminded of the dangers of smoking and how smoking  harms every organ of your body, and causes a long list of diseases. Luckily, many of us are wise to the dangers and unattractiveness of smoking, and the numbers of smokers are now dropping.

Personally, I’ve always wondered how people can afford to be smokers, but that’s another issue!

According to a new study, almost more than forty percent of smokers try hard to quit their smoking habit due to its harmful effects, but they end up with a relapse. Smoking is addictive for sure, and it takes real effort to quit.

Another report shows that smoking causes more than 500,000 deaths each year in the US. This is nearly two in six deaths. And, it causes more deaths each year than alcohol use, illegal drug use, motor vehicle injuries, and HIV along which is pretty scary.

Due to the serious health risks of smoking, smokers are constantly trying to kick the habit, which is where looking for alternatives that can assist them in their struggle. There is a growing trend that people are using vaping to kick their smoking habit, which I’m sure you’re aware of as it’s been a huge talking point!

Without doubt, quitting the cigarettes is the one thing that a smoker can do for their health. Vape pens, e-cigarettes, dry herb vaporizer, and other vaping devices are considered a better way to ease the transition and help quit smoking for good, and up to now, seems to be paying off for people.

Different studies have been conducted to compare traditional smoking and e-cigarettes and to know their potential risks. I’m no expert, but I thought I’d share some of the research that is going around right now to shed some light on it for you:

1. Less Harmful as Compared to Traditional Smoking

Most traditional cigarette smokers try their best to stop their smoking habit. They try to kick their smoking because of their potential health risks. Regular tobacco contains more than seven thousand chemicals and many of which are way too toxic for human body organs.

This is where e-cigarette can help them a bit to get over their smoking habit with very few health risks. E-cigarette or vaping is not as toxic as traditional smoking because in vaping, only flavours are involved, and they don’t pose severe threats. Do some research into the flavours and what they are made up of and you should be able to work out the difference.

2. Vaping is Not Addictive

Regular cigarettes and e-cigarettes both contain nicotine which different studies suggest may be as addictive as cocaine and heroin. But, when vaping is compared to a traditional cigarette, the e-cigarette has less amounts of nicotine, which is why it is not as harmful and addictive as a regular cigarette.

It is probably ideal to advise that it is a better way to ease the habit, rather than fully be able to quit overnight.

3. Helps to Manage Your Craving

Some reports claim that e-cigarettes have already helped thousands of smokers stop their smoking habit. E-cigs help to manage the cravings for nicotine and other chemicals that can be harmful to body organs, especially for the heart and lungs. In vaping, one can control the number of chemicals, and more flavors are involved than direct chemicals. So this way, one can satisfy his craving with little risk and also help himself to quit smoking.

There are tonnes of vaping options and flavours available, which gives you a little bit of flexibility to search for something to work for you.

Although there are no certified evidence of quitting smoking with the help of vaping and e-cigarettes – which is important to remember – there are numbers of smokers who claim that they overcome their traditional smoking habit with the help of vaping and it was easier for them to wean away from vaping as compared to a traditional cigarette.

Vaping is still fairly new. It’s a modern day launch, so there isn’t backed history and years of reports on it yet. However, it’s known that with less amounts of nicotine, it’s definitely a better option if you need help easing off the smoking habit!

If anyone reading this has been vaping for a while and has positive results, do feel free to leave a comment below…

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