How To Stick To Your Healthy Habits When Travelling

Travelling is a fantastic experience, whether you are going on holiday with friends, a sightseeing trip with your other half, spending a year seeing the world, or just booking various one way flights to learn about culture.

However, as more of the nation become vegan or take on certain special dietary requirements, it can put a damp cloth right over your travel excitement. Enjoying food while travelling can be a challenge if you’re trying to be healthy, stick to a vegan lifestyle, or aim to be gluten free.

Living your own healthy lifestyle at home could not be easier, but traveling is a different story. However, it can be possible to do, if you take an extra step when it comes to preparing for your trip, planning out how to live healthily and follow your diet plan.

The same can be said for gym enthusiasts or for those who love being active. You might be on the other side of the world to your trusty gym where you’re on best mate terms with the personal trainers, but it doesn’t mean you have to pack all the effort in when you travel:

Prepare for the plane

Whether you have just one flight booked or several, think ahead when it comes to flying. Vegan or not, airplane food is never really ideal, unless you’re flying with Emirates and you land pretty lucky.

Plan for your flights when you’re at home, by packing snacks and foods to bring with you that allow you to load up on proteins, vitamins, and whole grains. I mean, flights are made more fun by having an endless array of snacks, so if you pack them to tailor to your diet, you’ll be glad you did!

Think about stocking up on little packs of raisins or nutty snack bars. For vegans, trail mix or a vegan friendly soy protein bar works wonders. Remember though, if a flight has someone travelling with a nut allergy, you may be refrained from opening up any nuts, so be careful!

Research the area you are staying

There are some places across the globe that are super modern and one step ahead when it comes to healthy living, diets and nutritious food. It is usually the more affluent places that follow healthier lifestyles and can invest in catering for everybody of all different needs, like LA, Sydney, London, and more holiday style places where people from the UK tend to buy property, like Ibiza Town, Marbella, Madrid and Barcelona.

If you don’t want to disrupt your diet plans and healthy living, including your stance on fitness and workouts, the listed places mentioned above are known for offering an extensive range of eateries, stores, gyms and fitness activities that suit specific habits. Many of these places offer second holiday homes or even first homes for British people, because they offer an even healthier lifestyle than that of the UK. You can check out Marbella real estate to research a little further if you wish.

If you’re holidaying at one of these destinations, use travel review sites to search for vegan restaurants, gluten free bakeries or Pilates workshops etc in the area before you go. Plan how far they are from your desired accommodation, and you may find you’ll have an even healthier experience than your current one!

Don’t be afraid to mix it up

Say for example, you’ve landed in France and you’ve been searching high and low for a French cafe with vegan options since you got there. You’re clearly very tired and hungry.

After half an hour of searching, you could realise that you don’t really like French food very much. So why force it finding somewhere French that does vegan food just to suit your needs when you don’t have to do it? Instead, you could find an amazing Italian restaurant that has many vegan options. Just because you’re in France, doesn’t mean you have to force yourself to eat French!

When you travel, embrace mixing it up. Don’t pigeon hole yourself. If it means eating vegan sushi in Spain and then a fancy salad in Tokyo, so be it.

If it’s good – return

If you’ve found a fabulous health eating kitchen style eatery in Bali that does alllllll the fresh veggies and smoothies you’ve dreamed of, then return the next morning. And the morning after, if you wish. Sometimes it makes your travel life easier by doing this. You could assume you could find a better place further down the road, but quite frankly, you might not. And no one likes a starving vegan not being able to eat at the next chosen place for lunch.

Ignore the rules

There are a lot of “rules” while traveling. You must go to X museum. You must try Y cuisine. I’ve found that if you do what feels right for you, then it usually doesn’t disappoint, and that includes sticking to a vegan or gluten free diet as much as possible.

Has the occasional eclair snuck in? Of course. Have you mistakenly ordered pasta made with eggs and sauces made with yogurt? It’s happened. Beating yourself up over these mistakes or “cheats” feels unnecessary after sticking to a strict diet all year long. But overall, you’ll be happiest when you manage to stick to your specific diet while travelling. You can only try your best!

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