5 Beaches to Visit in Your Lifetime

Now that you’ve purchased a home or settled down wherever you are, you might be ready for an escape after all the move-in stress. Why not a trip to the beach? And not just any beaches, but ones that everyone should visit at least once in their lifetimes. Check out our picks!

Fort Lauderdale Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Our journey begins in Florida’s beautiful coastal city of Fort Lauderdale. Maybe you’re located just a few minutes away after purchasing one of the many Fort Lauderdale houses for sale, or perhaps you’re just passing through the area. Either way, when you visit Fort Lauderdale Beach, you are guaranteed 23 sandy miles that stretch through numerous little towns that you’ll love exploring.

Restaurants, shops, and plenty of activities await you here. Those attractions, combined with the region’s warm waters that are just perfect for snorkeling or boating, make Fort Lauderdale a great first destination on your beach tour.

Hot Water Beach, New Zealand

One of the most unique beaches in the world, Hot Water Beach sits along the eastern coast of the Coromandel Peninsula on New Zealand’s North Island and offers the chance to dig your own natural spa bath. Check the tide tables and plan to arrive, with shovels, within two hours of low tide. Dig away, and warm water will bubble through the sand allowing you to relax inside the soothing springs until the tide changes again and washes away all the fun.

Flamenco Beach, Culebra Island, Puerto Rico

The unspoiled soft white sands of Flamenco Beach can be found on Culebra Island in Puerto Rico. Looking as if it was made specifically for a Corona commercial, there are no high-end resorts here only warm azure waters, swaying palm trees and an enchanting lagoon surrounded by lush greenery.

The water is calm and shallow here, making it ideal for snorkeling. The area was left undeveloped as for many years it was used by the U.S. military – today, abandoned tanks still remain.

Trunk Bay, St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands

Another beach that’s frequently found on lists of the world’s most beautiful stretches of sand, Trunk Bay is the quintessential postcard-perfect beach. It’s located in the northwest corner of Virgin Islands National Park, lined with shady palms and sea-grape trees, while the powdery soft sand edges crystal-clear, shallow turquoise waters that are irresistible for a swim.

Grace Bay Beach, Turks and Caicos

This famous beach is located off the northeast coast of Providenciales island in Turks and Caicos and has been called the most beautiful beach in the entire world by numerous publications. It’s sheltered by a barrier reef a mile out to sea, diminishing the impact of Atlantic swells, keeping the stunning blue waters incredibly clear and calm. 

Visitors can enjoy swimming the shallow snorkeling trails to glimpse all sorts of marine life along with all sorts of other water sports or simply relaxing on the 12 miles of ivory-white sands. Nearby are plenty of shops and eateries to enjoy along with a wide range of accommodation options, including some very luxurious resorts.

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