How to Shop For Quality Hair Extensions

Do you know the difference between excellent-quality and poorly-made hair extensions? If you’re looking at purchasing hair extensions for longer, more fuller hair for 2020, the tips provided below will come in handy!

If you search online for hair extensions, you will know that usually the best type is Remy hair extensions. Its colour and style of weaving can be significant indicators, too.

Alongside this, here are some more tips to check.

Choose your preferred hair extension

Since hair extensions vary in quality, lengths, and shades, choose the one that matches your preference. You can go for the one that is made with natural hair or the type with all the hair cuticles facing in the same one direction.

The rule of thumb when choosing a hair extension is that it should look 100% natural. Have a feel, and keep feeling it. It shouldn’t feel like ‘fake hair’.

If you are fond of styling and treating your hair, you can do the same with Remy hair extensions for reduced damage. Compared to the synthetic kind, remy is heat friendly and comes with a silicone coating. And since it is made from real hair, the shine from the hair extensions will not be removed.

Check the wefts’ quality

The next thing you should check is the wefts’ quality. Every weft needs to be professionally sewn. The sewing should also be clean, with no strands sticking on each side.

Have a little look at the weft and examine the finish and security of it before making a buying decision.

Are the extensions shedding?

When you buy your hair extension, choose the one that does not shed even if you style and heat it. To test your hair extension’s shedding quality, run your fingers through the hair strands a number of times.

If your fingers glide through the strands easily without shedding plenty of hair, then that should be fine. If you see a lot of hair strands falling off, you need to reconsider your options.

Check the hair’s thickness

Check if its thickness is consistent from top to bottom. Before purchasing your hair extension, hold the weft up against the light to check for gaps between the strands. If the gaps on the weft are plenty or thicker at the top, this can mean that this is not a high-quality hair extension.

Check the hair extension clips

If you are shopping for hair extensions, you have to check first if the clips are of good quality. See if these clips can be tucked to your hair tightly. Make sure that the clips are also comfortable. The wefts should also not move up and down because of the clip.

Choose extensions that come with silicone or rubber clips. These clips provide a stronger grip for your hair to hold onto. They also do not cause the slipping down of the hair strands of your hair extensions.

Choose the right hair extension length

High-quality hair extension should have wefts of the same length. For instance, you bought a 20 to 22 inches hair extension, and the individual weft should also measure 20 to 22 inches each.

The Final Takeaway

Investing in your hair extension will not only make you look great and pleasant, but it will also make your hair stand out. An excellent-quality hair extension will look exactly like natural hair, giving the wearer the natural glow of healthy, shiny, and flawless hair.

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