5 Places For Nice Walks in Las Vegas Which Are Dog Friendly

When it is vacation time, no member of the family likes missing out. This refers also to your loyal four-legged friend. They want to enjoy some time off in a new location and feel loved too.

To some people, going with your dog to a vacation is much of a hassle. It becomes a complicated process because of the restrictions imposed on pets.

The situation is actually worse when air travel is involved. You will have to check those airlines that have dog-friendly travel policies. You will also need to check any other guidelines that apply when moving your dog from one state to another.

Once done with all that, you may have to expand your research to your holiday destination. Does the hotel you are staying in allow pets? Are there places to walk your canine friend while on holiday?

If the responses to all these questions are negative, then you should better leave the dog with your friend. However, to ensure that it never comes to this consequence, we have gone out of our way to provide you with solutions. In this article, we discuss some of the places you can walk your dog while on vacation in Vegas.

Walking Your Dog Along the Strip SideWalk

Those who had been to Vegas in the earlier years will tell you that they used to walk their dogs freely on the Strip. This way they were able to engage in a lot of sightseeing with their close companion by their side. However, things seem to have changed.

Based on the city’s new regulations, you are not allowed to have your dog on the Strip sidewalk from noon to five in the morning. From the look of things, these are not the only bad news coming from Vegas.

According to Mike Tan from OnlineCasinoGems, “The management of MGM Resorts has decided to increase their resort fees by about $6 per day. It is even worse for customers because the hike does not reflect on the price advertised for rooms when booking. Instead, they are expected to be reflected as extra costs for services provided by their hotels.”

However, there is still a bright side to this narrative. If you are an early riser, you can still get to walk around the city with your dog from six in the morning to the afternoon.

Remember, Las Vegas is one of those cities that buzzes with activities for twenty-four hours a day. On the other hand, the time permitted for walking your dog on the Strip is ideal because the sun is not excessively scorching.

When the sun gets hotter you can probably go back to your hotel for some cooling effect. Ensure that you have booked a hotel with a favorable pet policy. For example, the Venetian is one of the hotels that allow to keep dogs in a room and has developed areas where pets can relieve themselves. Do check out the list of these hotels in Vegas and their pet policy.

The Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

Away from the bustles of Vegas city is an opportunity to get in touch with nature. About half an hour’s drive from the Strip is the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation area. You get the chance not only to relax and have a picnic here, but also have a possibility to do it with your canine friend.

An article in the New York Times describes this place as an attractive rust-colored sandstone rock outcrop. This is a huge tourist attraction site thanks to Eastern Mojave Desert’s flora and fauna. There are also other amazing features like Joshua trees, the auburn cliffs, and the high standing rocks.

These features have made it an amazing site for outdoor activities like camping, rock climbing, and hiking. How about experiencing them all with your dog? The only regulations imposed while having a dog in the park include:

·      It must be on a lead that is not shorter than six feet

·      The owners will be required to take care of their dog’s waste

·      Due to the high temperatures, dogs should not be left inside a car for long.

The Sunset Park

What you will love about this park is that it is among the largest in Vegas and is located close to McCarran International Airport. Its involvement has involved expansion to include picnic areas, playgrounds, walking trails, and a splash pad.

According to Clark County’s Department of park and creation, Sunset has in recent years won several awards. For example, it won the Readers’ Choice Award for being the best park in Vegas.

Allowing dogs into the park could be one of the reasons why it was voted as the best one. The park has enough space where you can walk your dog around. You can also play your favorite games with your canine friend. From this park, you also get great views of the Vegas strip in the distance, if you wanted to use this walking park to take a break from all the gaming places! Alternatively, you can use it to take some time away from the hustle and bustle, and if online casinos are more your thing, check out this list of casino sites in the UK if you’re British and just want to enjoy some quiet playing on your phone!

Desert Breeze Dog Park

One thing you are going to love about this park is how it has been personalized for a dog’s day out. The park is fully fenced so you do not have to worry about your dog disappearing on you. As if not enough, they have gone ahead and fenced off several areas for the dogs to play.

These areas are subdivided depending on the size of dogs. There is a separate area for small, medium, and large dogs. Furthermore, they set up chairs, benches, and tables in various spots within the park.

Therefore, you can relax, read, browse or enjoy a meal while your dog plays with the rest. Also, there are water dishes around the park where your dog can go and drink some water when filling thirsty.

Barkin’ Basin Dog Park

Are you looking to make some new friends while in Vegas? You certainly can and so can your dog. Barkin Basin Park is an area of about eight acres of dog recreation space. This area is more than enough for your dog to have a field day out there.

The park has three separately fenced spots, whereby dogs of varying energy levels and sizes are enclosed. There are also enough water fountains where both you and your dog can quench your thirst.

You will also love the high number of waste bag stations around the park. This has hugely contributed to the park’s high cleanliness standards.

According to the Huffington Post, one of the unwritten rules of letting our dog off its leash is monitoring where they poop. The author argues that certain parks have initiated dog waste projects. This involves offering free recycling bags and bins where you can collect and properly dispose of your dog’s poop. Lucky for you, Barkin Basin Park has such an initiative.

This park cares about the pet owners too. There is plenty of roofed seats where you can relax as your dog plays. This way you get the chance to meet and interact with other pet lovers.

Vacation Time for Both You and Your Pet

This article has provided you with one more reason why you should let your dog company you on holiday. First, there are plenty of hotels that allow you to have a dog in a room. Even better, this article has discussed parks where you can go to walk your dog while on a vacation. 

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