How To Monetize Your Blog and Social Media Channels

Last week, I joined a virtual panel talk along with The Fashion Network, to talk about a topic that is really intriguing among the social media and blogging industry.

I’ve been blogging and ‘on the internet’ for over ten years, and was lucky to be able to make this a full time job two years ago. I left my career as a PR and Marketing Manager for the fashion and beauty retail industry to run my blog and social media channels full time. Of course, along the way I have done ‘side lines’, like bridal makeup and freelance writing. I always find being a content creator as a little up and down when it comes to earning an income, therefore it’s wise to try and dip your toe into other areas to see you through when work dries up.

It wasn’t just myself talking about content creator income, I was joined by two industry professionals who run influencer agencies. They included Rosalind Shimmen from The Influencers Diary and Mark Dandy from Captivate Influence, and it was nice to hear their expertise about working with brands and content creators, kinda working from the opposite side from myself. Saying that, before I went full time as a content creator, I used to work with influencers and content creators brand side, so it’s always nice to speak with people from the same background as myself.

I won’t go into everything we discussed on the panel talk, because hooray – it was recorded and you now watch it over on YouTube incase you missed the actual webinar itself when it was live.

Basically, if you’re a content creator, blogger or a brand, and you’re keen to understand the ways that content creators make money online, or how brands can work with them to make collaborations work for both parties, it’s a real insightful discussion. I’m always honest about how I make a living from this job, which includes paid advertisements on both my website and instagram, affiliate marketing and campaigns. But there are other methods too which I haven’t always got stuck into.

Have a listen for yourself if it sounds up your street, if you’ve always wondered what the methods are for creating an income for your online content, and the steps to take to get there. Dale at The Fashion Network often runs insightful and inspiring webinars and panel talks, and I have taken part in a number of them ‘in real life’ before everything went remote this year due to the pandemic. I’ll be sharing more of them soon too, incase there are others you have an interest in too!

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