Exciting Ideas for Your Wedding Reception Entertainment

There are lots of wedding reception entertainment ideas available out there for couples to consider. You just have to spend a bit of time thinking about what will work for you, your guests and your venue, but if you’ve not gave it much thought before now, you may often get overwhelmed by the different approaches.

I am due to get married next year although the date is kind of up in the air due to the global pandemic. If you’re planning your wedding and are a little unsure about the most trending wedding reception entertainment ideas that are available to consider, take a look at the list below.

Even if they aren’t quite the option you would go for, they may provide more ideas and inspiration for your own entertainment plans…

Offer street food 

Any couple that is searching for unique entertainment ideas should think about offering street food, across a variety of different cuisines. You can go for pizza and pasta if the couple love Italian food, or if you have an array of nationalities at your wedding, why not have a combination? Asian street food bites, indian offerings, Thai starters….

You could opt for waiter service or be a little more creative and invest in food carts to surround your venue.

Some of the most popular street food options that are available and work well at weddings include woodfire pizzas and custom your own burgers. However, you are not limited to these options. There are so many cool food trucks available out there to select from as well. You just need to hire the best food truck that matches your wedding’s theme and the preferences of your guests.

Have a giant Jenga setup

If you can get a giant Jenga game into your wedding, you may be able to get all the participants of the wedding to take part in it. And everyone appreciates some light hearted fun at a wedding!

If you have a decent outdoor space, it will work best set up on the grounds of your venue. You could set out some other lawn games around this too, especially if you have children at your wedding.

Hire a caricature artist  

According to recent studies, caricature drawings has been identified as one of the most loved and enjoyable ideas of recent weddings. Caricature artists can set up at your wedding and provide some great memories for all the guests. Everyone would love to get a caricature drawn at the wedding, it’s fun, humorous and also gives you a piece of the wedding to treasure.

Ideally, you just need to make sure that you are hiring a talented caricature artist who can cater to the guests’ needs in an efficient manner.

Have a fireworks display

Why not have a think about having a fireworks display at the wedding? This is one of the best methods for you to end your wedding day, especially if you have a fireworks display going off just after the first dance to open up the dancefloor and disco for the night.

Or, conclude the evening around 11-midnight with a show-stopping firework display, which will ensure that all the guests are provided with a great atmosphere to walk back to their homes/hotels.

On top of that, you can use it as a perfect ending to your wedding day reception as well.

Get a magician 

We all love to enjoy the tricks of magicians, and this is by far an old idea that still works wonders to this day. Hence, have think about getting a magician for your wedding day especially if you have youngsters in the party.

Magicians have the ability to perform tricks, and can do mind-blowing things. They will be able to tempt the guests to figure out the secrets behind the magic tricks that are performed, which is also a great conversation starter. You can easily locate a magician from your local area when you research. The magicians are aware of how to perform some cool tricks at weddings. You just need to invite a magician to come to your wedding and showcase his skills. Visit https://www.engog.co.uk/ to organize one for you.

Get some wedding table games

There is nothing worse than not knowing the others on your wedding breakfast table, or those in the evening. But there are numerous options available to consider for getting wedding table games, which can break the ice and get everyone bonding.

You can take a look at the table games and pick the best ones that match your audience. Before you pick a wedding table game, you need to double-check and see whether your audience will be entertained by it or not. You can also think about purchasing a pack of icebreakers to be used as wedding table games. Quizzes, games related to the couple, or even drinking games work a treat!

Get an ice cream stall

We all love ice cream, regardless of our age. Therefore, you will never regret the decision to get an ice cream stall for the wedding. Especially if you have a warm wedding day! This will be able to complement a retro-styled wedding as well, or work a treat for those weddings with lots of children around.

The ice cream stall will keep on serving creamy and delicious scoops of ice cream to the guests. In addition to ice cream, you can serve your guests with hot dogs, popcorn, and candy floss as well. 

Overall, consider your venue, the theme, yourselves as a couple and the guests. But above all, chose something you are happy with. After all, it’s your wedding day!

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