My Podcast Interview with Kat Horrocks ‘Put Yourself First’ Podcast

During lockdown, I was honoured to be asked by the super talented Kat Horrocks to feature on her podcast, Put Yourself First. I’ve known Kat for a few years, through the Manchester bloggers scene, and as well as knowing Kat personally and admiring her as a freelancer and business owner, it was fabulous for me to have a conversation with her about business for her podcast.

I’ve done a lot of talks over time about the blogging industry, and as I’m into my 10th year, it’s probably something I’ll always offer to do. However, it was nice to have the opportunity to delve into other topics with Kat, such as how I setup a new business at the start of a global pandemic (my Etsy print shop which has been my greatest achievement of 2020!), what tools and resources have helped me along the way, and why I have started to turn to ‘acne selfies’ on Instagram to help other women who struggle with the skin condition feel less on their own.

I could start to open up about both the Etsy shop launch, and how it came about just before the Coronavirus hit, and the switch of content on Instagram where I share of my skin with the acne flare ups, but I’ll leave that for the podcast!

You can find Kat’s Out Yourself First podcast on either Apple or Spotify, in which I always use Spotify just as that’s where I tend to listen to all of my music and podcasts. The link to Spotify is here which should bring you out to my podcast interview with Kat, where we talk all things blogging, creative industries, side hustles and everything inbetween!

I just thought I’d mention that Kat is a personal growth and goal setting coach, in which she runs a successful business coaching women to unlock their potential and hit the goals they wish to achieve in life. I personally know that Kat does really well and has glowing reviews, so she’s totally worth checking out if you have ever wanted a female coach in life, or even just someone to help guide and mentor you with your business or personal life plans.

You can find more about both myself Kat and the topics we touch on here:

Kat’s website
Kat’s Instagram
My Etsy Store
My Instagram Account

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