How To Do An At-Home Facial: Deep Cleanse, Mask and Jade Roller Massage

As skincare is such a huge part of my life, I decided to not let the quarantine/lockdown phase going on right now stop me in my tracks. I mean, let’s be honest, going for regular facials at salons, spas or clinics are definitley a luxury in life, so I’m not assuming we all have the ability to go for these often.

However, we all have a lot more time on our hands when staying indoors, and, if you did enjoy going for regular facials and find you can’t do it anymore, then welcome to the joy of at-home professional facials! They are definitely not as ‘slap dash’ as you might be thinking.

I’ve just filmed an at-home facial massage technique, using a couple of handy at-home tools, which gives fabulous results in my eyes! The products include a Jade Roller and Silicone Face Mask Brushes both from Brushworks (super affordable, high quality beauty tool brand), and a Gentle Facial Buffing Pad from So Eco, which as the name suggests, is an eco-friendly brands.

To carry out an effective, mess-free at-home facial, you basically need to follow the steps below:

Step 1:

Deep cleanse (I use a Deep Cleanse cream from Decree in my how-to video, but you can use a foaming wash or any other type of cleanser you like). Just remember to start with a nice clean face!

Step 2:

Use a muslin cloth to cleanse away any product, and once your face is pat dry, start to brush on an exfoliating face mask. I use the Brushworks silicone brushes (both sizes) before applying a Magnitone Peel and Purge Enzyme Clay Mask. Clay masks are great for those with acne/oily skin.

Step 3:

Remove the mask with warm water and again, a muslin cloth if needed. Then, take a gentle facial buffer and lightly buff the skin, prepping it for it’s facial treatment products.

Step 4:

Apply drops of a facial serum or facial oil (rosehip is my go to) and then take the jade roller to the skin (once serum/oil has been massaged in), and get rolling! The rolling step should be a relaxing, soothing, and calming step, working on the lymphatic drainage and de-puffing your skin. You can also use the small end of the roller for the eyes.

Head to YouTube to watch my video if you want to do your own at-home facial along with me! You can just press pause when needed.

Super simple! Just make sure you have the products you need to do it (ideally a good deep cleanser, your favourite face mask, a skin serum or facial oil, and if you can, get yourself the face mask brushes and skin buffer, and 100% get yourself a jade roller! It has massively improved my skin since using).

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