How To Be Thrifty With Your Home: 5 Ways To Save Yet Spruce Up Your Space

No matter where you may live, there is possibly a room in the home which you’re aware could look a little nicer. Whether it could look more spacious, more tidy or more minimal, it all comes down to creating than character we all long to see in our homes.

There’s usually the one culprit that holds us back when we want to spruce up our living spaces, and that is our friend and foe: money. Well, if you’re thinking there is no point in doing up your living room or lounging space – or whichever room you wish – because of a lack of funds, today I’m going to help you find a way around this.

The first thing you need is an open mind, and the ability to take risks. Don’t worry, all risks will cost you very little money, as we’re avoiding any huge home spends in this article. Interested? Read on…

Tip 1: Look into reupholstery

If you haven’t got round to buying sofas or chairs yet, or the ones you have are make-shift and you know you need nicer ones, then get your creative caps on. Firstly, look at second-hand stores, eBay or antique mills which sell used or ‘seconds’ when it comes to furniture. You may find a couch and a chair set which are both second-hand finds, that may come with ripped upholstery. That’s fine, as long as they may allow for fabric of your choice to be stitched over the sofa and chair, which is where you can get your crafty head on!

The fun part here is you can choose any fabric you like, whichever colour and finish you desire, and it will be so much less than purchasing a brand new sofa! There are loads of reupholstery videos and tutorials online too, so once you’ve bought your fabric roll, you can easily follow along an online video and teach yourself a new craft.

Tip 2: Don’t forget Gumtree, Freecycle and Facebook Marketplace

Fancy a new coffee table? How about a set of candles? Or a floor lamp? Honestly, the things that people are practically giving away is insane these days! Go on either of the above mentioned sites and search the name of your favourite home interior and decor stores like ‘IKEA’ or “John Lewis” and see what comes up – you may be surprised to see some once expensive items at super low prices second hand.

There are loads of local Facebook pages too which giveaway items people no longer need, or sell them real cheap. People tend to just want a quick sale or to get rid of something without the stress of selling or recycling, so it’s totally worth checking these out before you head to a more premium store.

Tip 3: Invest in at least one “new” piece.

Rather than sitting there stressing that you need a new TV stand and matching storage units, remid yourself that not everything you need should be new. There are lots of second hand items that will do the job nicely, however, it’s worth having a couple of new, stand-out items which will set the tone of your living space.

If you’re unsure which items to buy brand new to really make a difference, here’s some that are recommended: a rug, a table lamp, a TV and a statement wall print.

Ideally, one of the best types of flooring to have in your living room or lounge space is wooden flooring, because it will go with pretty much any theme. It lends itself to a modern, chic home, yet also works just as well in homes that lean towards a country, cosy cottage style. Plus, wooden flooring tends to be a solid floor option which has longevity and durability, and can easily be dressed up with a fluffy, luxe style rug which can set the theme of the room. If you wanted a vintage, shabby-chic feel, you can invest in a hippy style, large run. Wanting a contemporary, fashionable home look? Lay down a luxury light grey rug.

Tip 4: Get inspiration from premium sources, and then recreate the thrifty way

There are so many sources of home inspiration at our fingertips. Just simply scroll Instagram and Pinterest, and you’ll find gorgeous home and room inspiration right there. While doing this, note the retailers and brands you spot in the images. Print the images off that appeal to you the most, and create mood boards and inspiration boards.

Then, take a look at some of the brands and retailers in the images and have a look on their websites. You’ll usually find more room setups and layout inspiration. Then, take this inspiration and use it to find similar items from charity shops or budget home wear stores. While these may not be as thoughtfully curated, chic or premium as some of the independent home boutiques you’ll have spied online, they will be so much less expensive.

It’s about getting inspired first. Having an eye for what works well. Analysing colours, textures, materials and prints, and then finding cheaper versions elsewhere.

Tip 5: Think of how to work details together

When your home or a specific room just seems to ‘flow’ and everything works in to a beautiful theme, that’s when you’ll find you get the most compliments on your home. It’s all about the context of the room, rather than one standout, amazing piece. You want people to step into your lounge, and love how everything falls together and works to a flawless theme, rather than say, ‘oh wow, you’re TV in incredible’.

A way to ensure this is to turn your focus away from splurging on expensive individual pieces, and being ‘showy’ with items. Spend more time of the layout and composition of the room, the colour theme and the finishes and material. Seek out symmetry tips, layering or minimalism. When you’ve nailed the kind of look and theme you’re looking to work to, you’ll find the room starts to all piece together and ‘click’.

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