How Taking Yourself Less Seriously Can Benefit Your Self-Worth

It’s rather profound and encouraging to see that more and more people are talking about mental health care. It seems that even ten to twenty years ago, this conversation was only relegated to those who were having very difficult and public struggles – such as celebrities entering rehab, addicts or the homeless, or perhaps public cases that we all know and are curious about.

These days, we are aware when we need a mental health day, or are more likely to reach out to an isolated friend, or know that simple habits, such as getting into nature and exercise play a massive role in our daily health. However, there’s one thing that is often spoken of much less than it should be – and that’s taking yourself less seriously. Of course, this shouldn’t stop your self-care, allow you to give up on your goals, or think that everything you do is some kind of worthless comedic venture. Quite the opposite, in fact.

However, without a good sense of humor, life can become very brittle and strained. The easiest thing in the world is to regard yourself as a person without fault, always justified. It’s simply not a good process for living your life in the healthiest manner

With this advice, we hope to explore how laughing with yourself can help lighten your mood, help you shrug off hardships more easily, and enjoy yourself more thoroughly. This might be the advice you’re looking for:

Laugh At Yourself

Laugh at yourself. Because who are you anyway? Who is the person writing this? As humans, we are so good at pretending that we are so self-serious, completely professional, totally on top of things, that we have the most serious politics and the most serious tastes and the most forthright ideas of how things should be.

But do we really? Sometimes, laughing at ourselves can be important. It can be healthy. This isn’t the precursor to some kind of odd nihilistic laughter, such as depicted in the recent successful movie Joker, but rather a warm laugh, one that recognizes the vulnerability of everyone and begins to love them for it. For example, why not visit very British things to see the fun of your cultural identity, or perhaps recount hilarious stories with your family the next time you see them, or go through your most hilarious social media photos and compare those to your professional headshots.

There’s something infinitely warm and lovely about someone who can poke gentle fun at themselves, provided it’s not in a mean-spirited or harmful manner. We consider those people down to earth, and they’re often the people we wish to make friends with. So why not give yourself this quality? You’re allowed to be your own friend, too.

Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Get out of your comfort zone! After all, comfort zones are often only there to keep us segmented, or to make us feel as though we can never explore outwards. While this can make us feel safe and comfortable, it can also stop us from growing. But the truth is that when we take ourselves less seriously, this process is much easier to deal with.

Who cares if you try something new and it goes wrong? Who cares if you start a new art class and your skills are far below the others in your class? Who cares if it takes you one hundred lessons to qualify for your driving test? What matters is your ability to get out there. It can seem daunting to begin with.

You may feel as though you’re simply not equipped to get out there and try. But something happens when you keep trying, and keep learning. One day, you start to make this the norm. Then, you begin to wonder how you ever spent so much time worrying, and this gives you a great lightness of spirit.

Once you get out of that comfort zone, you’re sure to take yourself less seriously, but also respect yourself more. It’s funny how that can work.

Celebrate & Have Fun

Celebrate and have a little fun. You are perfectly entiteld to do this. Throw a wonderful trip or weekend vacation with your friend just because. Perhaps book that solo travel adventure and spend time looking around a city just because you can. Taking yourself less seriously can help you open up to the possibilities around you. 

Remember, being a little lighter in spirit does not mean throwing caution to the wind, or traveling without research, or going on large expeditions careless spending as much as you want with no care for the future financial repercussions.

It’s simply thinking that yes, you can see this movie alone if you wish to, or yes, heading out for a cocktail with your friend on a Monday night is no great sin, or yes, going on a date with someone you met online can help you get back into the dating scene once more.

Celebrate and have fun, because it’s better to live with fun memories that regrets of what could have been.

Stop Trying To Perfect

They say that the worst mistake that anyone in their twenties can make is worrying about not being totally financially secure, having the perfect job, or being their best self. This is true for the thirties, forties, and onwards, too. Stop trying to be perfect.

Try to do what you can to care for yourself and live sensibly of course, but do not think you have to adhere to some completely correct formula in order to make a go of things. In fact, this can only cause you further harm if you’re not careful.

Giving yourself the permission to think in this way may help you start believing it, and this can be the most restorative process of all. After all, is anyone perfect on this Earth? Not at all. So, giving yourself a break can be important.

With this advice, we hope you can understand how a lighter attitude towards oneself can translate into stress reduction, a sense of gratitude, and a cleaner sense of self-worth.

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