Using Monogram Makers For Planning a Wedding

If you didn’t already know, I’m getting married! But if you follow me on Instagram or any social media channels for that matter, you probably already know that. I’ve made no secret of shouting about it, and even sharing behind-the-scenes photos from a bridal dress photoshoot I did the other month.

One of the problems we’ve faced since getting engaged is trying to plan a budget wedding. We started by viewing some of the nicest, most luxurious and unique wedding venues, making it harder to fall in love with anything a little more budget.

Up to now, it looks like we’re following our hearts and going with one of the first venues we completely fell for. But as we’re set on going all out, everything else is being stripped back. From the decorations, to the hand made invites, and right down to the bridesmaid dresses!

I’ve taken on the role as the more creative one of the pair of us, as I’ll be working up my own designs to create everything from save the dates, wedding invitations and place cards for all the guests.

One of the biggest helps I’ve found since taking on this newly found ‘creative’ role is the use of monogram makers you can find online. I’ve started by using a fantastic site called monogram maker, a totally free monogram making online tool which is simple for even the most amateur of designers like myself. It’s been super fun playing around with fonts, themes and styles to try and create something in-keeping with our design work.

When you head to the site, you can use the quick and easy tool to create attractive monograms. These work best for stylishly designed names or initals, mainly used on invitations and place name cards. I had a go at styling up some designs while brainstorming the feel I want for my own weddings, which you can see below.

All you do when you enter the site is to start typing your letters into the monogram generator (smaller names and initials work best on some of the more intricate designs), then pick a monogram font, a monogram frame and if you like, a background, and the tool does the rest for you!

You can then download and save the artwork.

I had a go at creating some home-made invitations during my brainstorming process. It totally depends on the theme you want to create, as to whether you go for simply structured letters or fancy artwork. The below invitation is my favourite one:

You can then take inspiration from playing around with invites, taking bits from the theme to inspire new designs, or for other items you may want to produce.

I had a go at a much more simpler one, taking on fancy calligraphy initials but keeping the rest of the design super simple and sleek. This is the one below:

Have you taken on the role yourself for designing your own wedding invites? If you have, and you’re looking for a user-friendly, fool-proof way of creating striking design work online, which is totally free, you’re going to love making use of monogram maker free!

I never looked before at free tools online, and was just trying to teach myself using Microsoft Publisher. After failing time and time again, I’m now really happy to have come across this method,. Much easier and much more professional!

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