How CBD Skincare Can Be a Beauty Game Changer

As a beauty blogger for over ten years, I’ve seen a lot of trends come and go. Some can be slightly out there, and others stick around because their USP is something that helps people, and is forever needed, not just temporarily.

CBD skincare and beauty is one of these. I first was introduced to the world of CBD infused skincare possibly around three years ago, and since then, I;d say it has slowly revolutionised the beauty industry.

When CBD was finally accepted as an ingreident that can help people, it become applaued for its assitance with pain, anxiety and sleep help. Nowadays? You’ll not struggle to find it featuring across various moisturisers, serums and even makeup.

Here’s What CBD Actually Is

A quickie intro to those who aren’t still 100% sure on what CBD is. It’s basically short for cannabidiol, the byproduct of the cannabis plant. This means that for those not interested in the marijuana/weed aspect are in luck, as CBD is the part of the plant not associated with any psychoactive effects. Once people have seeped in this information, it becomes easier to focus on CBD as an ingreidient in it’s own right, known for being effective across extremely anti-inflammatory and calming properties.

I’ve written about CBD various times on here, mainly busting the myths and clarifying what people aren’t too sure of.

In this blog post, I’m touching mainly on CBD skincare, but it’s worth noting that CBD is being used for so many different areas, from mental struggles to improving your relationships. You may have discovered that CBD infused haircare is recently ‘a thing’ now too., This is because after various research has been carried out, CBD oil has been shown to feature 21 known amino acids which build up and produce collagen and elastin – two essentials for stronger, healthier hair.

Therefore, if you see CBD haircare, it’s potentially a range that works to thicken up and strengthen hair, preventing breakage and maintaining hair colour. It also helps increase blood circulation to the scalp, which is useful for speeding up sluggish hair growth.

Why CBD Skincare?

CBD is packed full of skin loving benefits, and when it is infused into skincare, it is allowed to see into your skin to provide the nourishment it needs. This is just one factor why CBD for skincare is leading the way.

It can also help with balancing hormones, easing redness, calming inflammation (like acne, rosacea and eczema) and reducing the production of sebum. When sebum is reduced, your pores are clogged with much less oil, which is when people have seen a huge improvement with acne and blackhead prone skin.

Alongside the above, CBD is rich in vitamins A, C, and E – three hero vitamins for keeping skin clear and healthy. Vitamin A is great for cell turnover, shedding away dull skin and keeping the skin firm and healthy. Vitamin C on the other hand is a brightening powerhouse, stimulating collagen production and assisting with brighter, renewed skin. Last but not least, Vitamin E is important for slowing down the aging of the skin, along with adding hydrating and nourishing properties.

CBD and Self-Care

Having a CBD skincare range can hugely contribute to your self-care regime, too. When CBD is infused into serums and oils, the scent can contribute to easing anxiety and boosting energy levels, too). You can actually get candles or diffusers that contain CBD oil, which are great to have alongside a CBD skincare routine if a calmer mind and a more relaxed vibe in your home is something you are striving to achieve.

For me personally, I’ve used a number of products that infuse CBD, mainly to help acne. As you can see from the image below, I have pigmentation and occasional hormonal breakouts, so I’ve been intrigued many times over the last couple of years when it comes to trying out CBD to clarify and unclog my skin.

How To Get Started With CBD Skincare

Firstly, the best thing to do is to understand your own skin and it’s problems first, before you fixate on a certain brand or product. Then, look at the type of regime that is needed to help. Once you have nailed the type of skincare you need, there are many CBD skincare recommendations you can use as a guide.

For example, those with oily, acne prone skin should be looking at a serum or oil which features CBD and has had glowing reviews for calming active acne and balancing the skin. Kiehl’s Cannabis Sativa Oil is one of the current leading oils for clearer looking skin, which has brilliant reviews for clearing up angry looking acne and shrinking pore sizes.

Those who don’t suffer from many skin problems but want to ensure they are looking as youthful and glowing as possible should look at a range like MG Derma, who retail a highly reviewed eye serum for fine lines and dark circles. It uses CBD combined with caffeine and Vitamin C to brighten, ease lines and refresh the thinner skin around the eye.

There is so much out there now across the internet on CBD, as it becomes much more mainstream than ever before. So if you’re unsure on certain areas of CBD in skincare, haircare, makeup and wellness products, there is an abundance of news, reviews and information all over the internet!

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