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As I recently shared a review of the Hotel Indigo in Chester, it made me realise that aside from the countless content I’ve posted on Instagram of the Manchester one, there isn’t a blog review on here. Which of course, I had to action immediately!

You all know I love my write-ups of hotel stays, and I only choose to review the ones that really stand out that I would hand on heart recommend.

Hotel Indigo, Manchester, is one I definitely would put forward. Not just because it’s a quirky, unique new place that hasn’t been open all that long, but because it’s central location at the side of Manchester Victoria Station and it’s nod to my favourite city (Manchester, of course) is just so perfect.

So let’s take a little visual tour with my photos I have shared on here!

Firstly though, I wanted to point out that it’s refreshing to see a stylish, modern establishment take home in this certain area of Manchester city centre. I’d say it’s become neglected over the years, and what with The Printworks struggling to boost their reputation (it’s getting there slowly…), it doesn’t always come across as the most attractive part of the city.

With Hotel Indigo, they have been in-keeping with the original City Buildings site, yet added a huge new cylinder to the complex. The bottom of the base is where new the hotels restaurant Mamucium sits – which you can read about here – and the 187 stylish rooms spiral above it.

The place is rather breath-taking as soon as you step inside it. Much more ‘wow’ than I actually expected, and I was kinda expected big things! You are greeted with lots of exposed brick and original features, given a modern, fresh take with painted walls and glittering lights.

We were on one of the highest floors, so when we got to our room, we ran to the window like little kids seeing what we could see from the views. Of course, it was raining as it is good old Manchester, after all. But amid the grey skies, we could see over the Manchester Arndale, Corn Exchange and beyond. I do love a good view of the city!

The room also had cute little touches to encourage enjoying the view, like the little armchair and tidy desk area. The walls are a deep navy colour, complimenting the dark accessories, yet contrasting with the key pieces in colour popping shades, like the deep red armchair.

And as you can see from this bedside table shot, some very individually styled room accessories! So many people are going to think this lamp is resting on an array of books, trying to pull one out.

What do you mean, is that what I did? Of course not….. (well, maybe I did!).

You’ll also find what I like to call grand gestures to the decor, like the plush brown padded headboard, which only gave the impression of sleeping in a bed fit for a Queen (and king). Plus, I adore grey – so I was literally loving the grey and white wall art theme above the bed, arranged as a gallery wall.

The decor of the room sits in with the Manchester theme and heritage that is present throughout the entire hotel. It plays on the history of Manchester, but with more of a modern feel. Taking on inspiration from Manchester’s Cotton Mills, there are lots of rich fabrics draped around the room, all nodding towards a luxury and premium feel.

Just like it’s sister hotel in Chester, we had that luxury we always get giddy about – speakers in the bathroom! I just love putting music channels on in the main room and then turning up the volume in the bathroom, especially when having a shower. Kinda of perfect for when you’re using the room to get ready before hitting the town.

We headed off to Grand Pacific for our evening out, which is literally just a 10-15 minute walk away. I honestly find this hotel a fabulous location spot for most of Manchester’s top bars and restaurants, although I do rate their own Mamucium restaurant very highlight, so there isn’t a dire need to head out anywhere if you don’t wish…

To finish up, the next morning we headed down for a bit of hotel breakfast and once again, Hotel Indigo and Mamucium seriously impressed. You can order from their menu, but before you do, you’ll be wowed by their huge Breakfast Table (£9.95) which sits in front of the open kitchen, piled high with every breakfast food you can think of in an ideal buffet style.

Thank you very much to Hotel Indigo for hosting us for the overnight stay. It is a place that ticket every box, and I’d be sure to recommend it to anyone looking at coming to Manchester for the weekend!

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