How To Give Your Hair The Nutrients It Needs

Just like any other part of your body, your hair needs all the right vitamins and minerals to stay healthy and strong. Part of maintaining proper hair care is the extent to which you keep your hair nourished with all the nutrients it needs. Beauty comes from within – right?

I’ve always struggled with fine, volume-lacking hair. Therefore I love to search for products and brands out there who create solutions, and see what I think.

One of them I recently discovered is SOS Haircare, who have developed an amazing formula that gives you all the hair vitamins and minerals you need, all delivered in a quick and easy sachet that you can mix into a drink for simple consumption!

Below is an article from SOS Haircare I wanted to share, as they word it quite well themselves about why their brand is a winner for those wanting healthier hair!

Want to keep your hair healthy and make sure that new hair growth is strong and shiny? SOS Haircare share below why they have the perfect solution for you.

Our Hair Care and Hair Growth Vitamin Drink helps to keep your body pumped full of all the best hair vitamins and minerals. This ensures that you can grow and maintain stronger and healthier hair for longer. We use botanical superfoods to encourage the growth of thicker and fuller hair.

We want this amazing new formula to be available for as many people as possible. That’s why we make sure that our product is kept vegetarian, vegan, and completely cruelty-free. What’s more, the motivation behind the SOS Haircare formula was to reduce the need for extensive and frustrating daily routines. How did we tackle this? Well, we made a simple vitamin drink so that you can quickly and easily get the dose you need to keep your hair nourished every day.

The amazing SOS hair formula comes in sachets and is available in two different flavours – Mojito and Pink Lemonade. We wanted to make sure that not only do you save time and effort when you choose to use our hair care formula, but it’s even an enjoyable and delicious alternative!

With our vitamin drinks, you can get the all-important hair vitamins you need while enjoying a tasty and hydrating drink! Just pour the sachet, shake, and drink! What could be easier?

My Thoughts

I haven’t tried this product yet, but it is one I’ve popped on my ‘must try’ list to see how I find it. I do always find that the hair brands who focus on creating a product which delivers vitamins and mineral internally always works better than anything topical.

Hang tight – I’ll try and review this for you soon!

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