Home Interiors: Breakfast Bar Ideas with a Difference

A breakfast bar is a fantastic way to open up more potential in your kitchen. From extra seating to casual dining and even extra food preparation space, breakfast bars tick multiple boxes, but they can be a touch uninspiring if you simply plump for a stock option. Plus, they look extremely modern and sophisticated!

Take a look at these ideas for making a breakfast bar align with your unique style, while catering perfectly to your needs.

1. Add interest with table bar stools

Your breakfast bar stools offer an easy way to inject personality and style into your space, especially if you look for a retailer that specialises in funky styles. A spokesperson for vidaXL revealed that they have embraced the idea of stunning seating, with a variety of shapes and colours to choose from, while House & Garden Magazine has got in on the idea as well, showcasing plenty of inspiration.

2. Choose Material Choices Wisely

Breakfast bars are often thought of as simple, often small additions to a kitchen, but what if you went big? Choosing to craft your new surface from a strong material such as cast concrete or timeless marble gives a sense of permanence and creates a bold focal point. Suddenly, your breakfast bar is less of an add-on and more the main event.

3. Include a touch of luxury

Stylish table bar stools are a must, but don’t sleep on the luxury touches. It might sound a bit impractical to use luxe fabrics in the kitchen, but what’s life without a little excitement? With this in mind, pretty touches – such as velvet seat pads – can be a wonderful way to inject some upmarket elegance. You could even take things a step further an invest in some designer table mats, perhaps in decadent leather?

4. Make sure the area has ample light

The most beautiful breakfast bar in the world will simply disappear into the rest of your home design if you don’t frame it properly, which is why your lighting choices will be key. Naturally, you’ll want to have illumination directly above the bar, but standard downlighters won’t do if you’re trying to create an unforgettable home. Try something that catches the eye, such as a contemporary chandelier or a multi-arm globe light design – and don’t be afraid to go all out.

5. Add some storage

If you love the sleek lines and unfussy styling of minimalist spaces, align your breakfast bar design by including practical storage. Including barely noticeable drawers is an excellent way to keep the surface free of clutter and a stool storage shelf allows you to simply tuck your seating out of sight when not in use. A custom installation will make this simple, as you’ll be able to build a breakfast bar around certain stool dimensions.

6. Be picky about the placement

It might be the norm to have a breakfast bar stood out in the middle of your kitchen, doubling up as an island, but that doesn’t mean you have to follow suit. What about embracing more of a bistro style, with your bar against a wall? Place it under a window to enjoy gorgeous views as you enjoy the first coffee of the day, or how about teeing off from your existing worktops? There are no hard and fast rules.

Breakfast bars can be so much more than just a practical addition. Stylish and perfect for injecting extra luxe into surprising parts of your home, they can be just as much of a reflection of your excellent taste and willingness to experiment as any other piece of furniture.

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