Temple Spa Clean Up Your Act Review

Those who follow me on Instagram will know two things about me: 1. I’m a huge facial cleansing device fan, and 2. I only like the sonic versions, and avoid anything bristle related.

I haven’t always been like this. I used to love my Magnitone brush, and I’ll still say it gave me great results. I even took to YouTube to rave about it, which I’d only do if I genuinely loved something. But after a while of using, I got fed up of having stained bristles from makeup, and feeling like I could never keep the bristle heads clean enough. Then, popular bristle cleansing brush brand Clarisonic announced they won’t be selling their bristle brushes any longer.

Is this due to the rise in popularity of vibration/sonic/silicone based facial cleansing devices? I think so…

The latest launch that has hit the beauty world is from a beauty and wellness brand I’ve have the honour of working with a number of times, and one that I genuinely love I’ve met the founders, listened to their success stories and tried an array of their products, in which I’ve never been disappointed.

The brand is Temple Spa, which I was first introduced to after falling in love with their Power Breakfast facial mask and exfoliator. After that, I started using their cleansing balm ‘In The Beginning’ – which is a lovely, luxury balm that melts away makeup and impurities.

Each product always has a lovely combination of ingredients, with pampering and self-care in mind. So when I saw the latest launch – their ‘Clean Up Your Act’ facial cleansing device, I was super happy to see they’d took this device area as the next step for them.

The Clean Up Your Act Facial Cleansing Brush retails for £50, and I feel it will do exceptionally well this Christmas. It’s a sleek black dual-function device that has wireless charging, which gives it an edge over some of the other silicone devices out there.

It’s also has a unique double-sided shape, in which 8000 sonic pulsations per minute work gently on the skin with low-frequency sonic waves to deeply cleanse. There’s no need to worry about hygiene or harshness, as the brush consists of super-soft silicone bristles that are multi-textured. You simply run it under warm water to rinse away the build up of makeup, and you can put as much pressure on your skin as you like, although you don’t really have to apply much at all as the vibration of the silicone does the hard work!

For £50, it actually retails quite competitively against it’s competitors, such as FOREO devices and the global known LumiSpa. You don’t need to replace anything, as the device is fully chargable.

How to use the Temple Spa Clean Up Your Act Device

The best way that I find to personally use this device is to first, remove my makeup using a makeup removed. If you’re an avid Temple Spa fan, the cleansing balms can be massaged into the skin first, and makeup/impurities removed with a warm muslin cloth. Or, you can use micellar water, or whatever you wish.

The one I’ve recently started using is the Be Gone cleanser from Temple Spa, which is a face cleanser cream for more sensitive skins.

Then, on a wet face, massage in your cleanser that you wish to use with the device. Then start to use circular movements around the face, ensuring you are working deep to get all the gunk out of the pores! I’ve never been left with a red/pink face after using, however I am quite gentle when using mine.

After, pat dry with a towel (and rinse the device clean), and apply your toner and moisturiser/night cream. You can totally use this morning and night, or just evenings if you prefer.

If you’ve wanted to break into the habit of using a facial cleansing device but not known where to start, this could be an affordable yet high quality, results driven option for you. It will certainly help unclog those pores, and if you’re a daily makeup wearer, you should start to feel your skin looking and feeling deep cleaned at night. After a couple of days using this, my skin felt deeply exfoliated – kinda as smooth as that ‘after facial’ feel.

Love it – a great launch from Temple Spa. You can shop the device here.

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