Here’s How To Do Mothers Day For Under £50 at The Original Factory Shop

Mother’s Day is just around the corner – well this Sunday 31st March to be precise – and I know so many of you still won’t be sorted with your gifts.

First of all: don’t panic! Mother’s Day doesn’t have to a struggle. It also doesn’t have to be expensive, either. I recently teamed up with The Original Factory Shop to take a look at what they were offering for Mother’s Day gifts, and I was absolutely blown away with how much you could get for your Mum, and still stay under a £50 budget.

So I wasn’t tasked by anyone to try and shop for my Mum for under £50. I just found that when I visited my local The Original Factory Shop in Middlewich, Cheshire, it was just so easy to load my basket up with lovely little gifts, all at super affordable prices.

So I thought I would share what I shopped, loading up a pretty little hamper basket full of gifts to put together as a Mother’s Day gift.

All in all, I spent around £45, and I’m sure you’ll see from the photos that it’s surprising how much I got at that price!

Lets take a look. Firstly, I picked up the wicker basket set they have put together which comes with your shredded tissue filling and cellophane, to produce a personalised hamper for your Mum. So literally, you can go around the store and pick a selection of gifts that can be wrapped up and presented nicely in one of these baskets.

And they are just £3 – bargain!

For the Mum’s who appreciate a good old pampering, The Original Factory Shop currently have a great range of both luxury perfume sets, and alternative cheaper fragrances which smell just like the premium ones. They start at around £3 which is amazing!

They also have an extensive collection of Baylis and Harding beauty sets, which come decorated in pretty boxes with all the wrapping. The set below is just £6 and is the Limited Edition box which contains Pink Prosecco and Elderflower Body Lotion and Body Wash.

My favourite set for my Mum though had to be this larger one at £15, which includes a cute pair of baby pink mule slippers! I mean, everyone needs new slippers, especially coming up to Spring when you can get rid of your battered Winter specials.

This slipper set also by Baylis and Harding is loaded with Pink Prosecco and Elderflower bath and body treats too, making it a bumper pampering box.

A category I was drawn to pretty much straight away when browsing the Store and their Mother’s Day offerings was the candles and diffusers. I’m such a candle obsessive! And in fairness, most Mum’s appreciate a fresh scented candle for their home.

You can easily get carried away and spend lots of money on fancy diffusers and candles, but really, they all do the same job.

Here, I found a range of candles in decorated tins and sleek diffusers for around £3-£4 each. All the range of scents were on display to have a little smell of beforehand (nothing worse than picking them without smelling them, then getting home and realising it just isn’t your scent!)

So lets not forget about a cheeky box of chocolates! The Original Factory Shop had an offer on while I was in-store for two boxes on Lindt Lindor chocolates for £10 (£6 a box usually). Soooo maybe you could get away with getting one box for you, and one for your Mum? *winky face*

To finish off my Mother’s Day hamper gifts, I decided to indulge in some of the home decor/floral arrangements they had on offer.

Most Mum’s like little cutesy decorations for their home, and then on the other hand, you also have the Mum’s out there who have quite an interest in gardening. I wasn’t going to go quite as far as to get my Mum anything too garden focused, but I did see this beautiful grow your own potted plant set for just £5!

It’s a pretty pink Petunia gift set in which you can grow the flower arrangement yourself at home (if you look after it properly!). I was actually quite tempted to get one of these for myself, as these are such a luscious shade of pink.

The other little floral additions I added to the gift basket set are those weighted indoor false flower arrangements. Brightly coloured in shades of yellow and purple, these will last forever and look super pretty anywhere in the house your Mum wishes!

Again, these were just £4 each. In my opinion, these are so adorable with their brightly colour petals, which need no care at all! I’d put these on a kitchen window ledge ideally, but I guess with these it’s up to your Mum where she wants to feature them…

All in all, I literally LOVE shopping at The Original Factory Shop and can never get enough of the bargains I come across every time I visit. Whether it’s home, gifts, beauty or clothing, you can always pretty much guarantee you’re going to get the best price.

Now I’m just going to get ready to wrap up all my Mother’s Day items in the wicker basket, ready for Sunday!

To find out where your nearest The Original Factory Shop is, visit the site here.

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