How To Future Proof Your Bathroom So It Last For Years

The bathroom is the one room in the house that can quickly look dated if it isn’t designed in a thought through manner. Yes, of course you will want your bathroom to look clean, modern and stylish, yet it needs to follow a universal look to ensure it doesn’t need to be re-done every so many years.

If you plan ahead, you can create a hard-working bathroom layout that will last for years to come. Something that not everyone considers though is to ensure your space is an accessible bathroom – one that is safe and suitable for any member of the family. Or, will stand the test of time for when you get older, or if older members of your family have to stay with you for some time.

Or even if you decide to have children in the house, and your bathroom needs to be much more clutter-free and spacious, with minimal hazards.

Whether you have a growing family, a multi-generational household or are looking towards retirement, designing with your eye on what’s to come makes financial sense. Do it right and you should end up with a comfortable yet functional space, without it costing more than a standard refit.

Here are some our top ideas for designing a timeless yet stylish bathroom arrangement…

Design the layout so it is suitable for everyone

When someone says ‘future-proofing’ your home, some people panic and think of clinical looking accessories, obtrusive grab bars and plastic stools. This totally isn’t the case.The right layout will work for any stage of life, it just means a bit of thought towards a layout which suits numerous people.

Start by thinking about who lives in the house now, their needs and how this might change in the years to come.

For example, will you be caring for an elderly relative or are you planning on staying in your home into your own old age? Will your children return after university or do you have young children who, once they become teenagers, will have even more clutter?

Get the layout and features right the first time and it’s likely you’ll save on updates, as all you’ll need will be small tweaks.

Think about things like if you have a wet room and it is split by a glass panel, this will not only provide step-free access to washing for anyone who needs this, but also minimises the risk of leaks and protects plaster walls from mould. There are some fantastic improvements you can make which have double the advantages!

Think about modern layouts and versatility

The product designs now available for multi-generational living means specialist pieces and furniture will work in harmony with other fixtures. Have a look at online at modern, stylish bathroom, and even those most standard of bathroom items can be adapted for different needs.

You can easily apply bathroom storage racks to the walls to avoid bending down if needed, and steps for children’s access can be kept under the sink.

The trick with basins

Look for wall-mounted basins, which also allow to double up as a dressing-table-style when a stool is to be placed below it. This way, if you have a large bathroom mirror, it can be used for seated make-up application or shaving.

You’ll also notice that the latest bathroom trends feature copper/rose gold shades of brassware, which actually have the added advantage of suiting a future-proof bathroom. Brassware is strong, sturdy and lasts a long long time, yet it also looks super stylish and premium in bathrooms.

Showers to cater for everyone

If you can, look at adding a walk-in shower to your bathroom, which offers a more accessible option for all ages. Not only that, they potentially are a safer option for users with different mobility needs. Plus they work well with assisting young children at wash times, too.

Another bonus is that these are said to boost a property’s value.

Some other benefits of having a walk-in shower added to your bathroom is that they have an ultra low access, thermostatic control, and give safe, easy bathing solutions for a wide range of ages and abilities.

Consider the toilet carefully

The toilet you choose for your bathroom is another area to consider with care. While raised-height models or a wall-hung version mounted slightly higher are easiest to use, those with quiet flushes for night-time use or infrared sensors on flush plates provide extra convenience.

Similarly, push-button controls for showers and lever-handled taps work well for younger and older family members.

Storage that can be adapted

It’s always visually more pleasing to have storage units that are all matching and in-keeping with the theme. Look for units that are part of a range and comes as multi-functional furniture, so that they can be moved or added to as your household’s requirements change.

Modular pieces will offer the most flexibility, where you could try setting cabinets either side of a washbasin, or using individual wall cabinets, bench seating and storage cubes to provide each family member with somewhere to put things while creating a feature.

Think beyond the obvious aids to make a bathroom functional for all who use it. Good lighting is important, so add it in the right places, such as above washing points. Plinth lights and illuminated shelving will help to boost visibility in potentially dark nooks and sensor lighting, which turns on when you enter the room and off when you leave, can be very useful.

You don’t have to compromise on style and visual attractiveness – an accessible bathroom for all is super achievable whilst in-keeping with a modern, classic feel.

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