5 Things You Must Do With Your Girl Gang

Girl gangs can be the best thing that ever happened to you. From needing a shoulder to cry on when you’ve had a bad day at work, to eating a tub of ice cream to get over your ex, girlfriends are a medication that can make anything bad, worse or worst, better.

Luckily for us, they don’t come with a prescription. So don’t you owe your girl gang some great times to wish it well and keep the friendship going?

There are few things that all girl gangs must do, at least once in their life. Here are five such things that are totally possible to do and will be great fun for you and your girlfriends.

1. Travel

This might not be a totally unique point but it is definitely an important one. Travelling with your girlfriends is something that you must do, not only when you can afford to go out on a weekend, but rather, make special travel plans with all your girls. Don’t wait for that long weekend to take a road trip to a camping site.

Make it an annual event and explore new places each time. In fact, if any of your girlfriends is about to get married, you should plan a destination hen do with a hen party in Liverpool, New York or wherever you can go.

2. Slumber Party

No, you’re never too old to have a slumber party with matching pyjamas, pillow fights, ice cream, pizza and not to forget, chick flicks. There’s too much fun in being a child again, planning a slumber party and talking about boys.

The benefit of having a grown up slumber party is the booze and wine! And not forgetting wearing adult onesies – like ones from Kigurumi.co – which can also add more fun into your crazy nights. Choose the style that best suits your personality.

So, don’t hesitate, get those sleeping bags out along with your pink and purple jammies and get planning for the annual slumber party. It’ll not only be fun, but also be a great stress buster and give you girls a chance to bond more with each other.

3. Plan A Hen Party

This is not something you should do once but rather before the wedding of each of your girlfriends. A hen party is a must do ritual before your BFF gets married and you cannot miss it.

You must come up with unique hen night ideas to celebrate the last night of freedom of your BFF before she says ‘I do’. You can either plan a trip abroad to popular hen party destinations or you can plan one right in the city where your BFF lives. However you choose to do it, make sure that you experience this crazy tradition at least once.

4. Paint The Town Red

There should be not one but many nights where the sole aim of the night should be to have fun in any form. Be it going out for some dancing, drinking, pizza, ice cream or just going to a theme park.

Pick one of the top hen do destinations, and give your girl gang at least one night where you girls just go out and do whatever you want to do all around the city. The goal being to just have fun. You can also plan some fun activities together like horse riding, go- karting, laser tag, paintball etc.

5. Cook and Feed Together

Another really interesting activity to do together is cooking. You do not know what you’re missing out on if you haven’t gotten together with your girl gang, attempted to cook some really fancy Italian dish, ruined it and then just ended up ordering pizza and chugging litres of beer.

Hey, you still managed to eat Italian didn’t you? Well, that’s what girl gangs do, they make mess ups even more fun!


It’s really important that you have fun with your girl gang and take out time for them on regular intervals because it will keep your friendship strong. It will also do you and your friends real good by spending time with each other and sharing each other’s worries and good times, both.

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