How to Utilise Business Storage Solutions for Cutting Costs

Whether you’re a sole trader with your own little business, or part of a small business or start up, you’ll notice that your outgoings rise every year. Your business insurance for one goes up by 10-20 percent per year.

If you’re a retail business and rely on airlines to carry stock over to you, the airline tends to add “fuel surcharges” to your bill even after the price of oil has gone down by 50 percent. For other retailers, whether it be food, fashion or home, you’ll rely on a wholesale supplier, who has recently increased the cost of an ingredient, or a material, adding on 10 percent.

Small businesses are being constantly squeezed by increases in expenses, so controlling costs is more important than ever. One of the ways I wanted to look at today is the use of business storage solutions to cut down your business costs.

It’s something not everyone looks at, but it could be an avenue to explore if you don’t already use this

Here’s how business storage solutions can help to reduce business costs:

1. It can lower office space costs

If you’re a one-man band or there are just a couple of you running the business, think about your working location. Do you really need to rent an office? If you don’t really need to run your business from commercial premises, why not operate from your home or go mobile?  Obviously, you may have stock that needs storing, or tools and equipment. But this shouldn’t be an excuse to be paying extortionate rents in the city.

You can easily look at a business storage solution, where you can choose whatever size storage untis you need, to hold your bigger, bulkier items that aren’t ideal for the home. These cost lots less on a weekly and monthly basis than office rental prices.

2. Think about pallet racking

A lot of businesses out there – small and large – operate by organising inventory in pallets and shelving units, which tends to require warehouse space. Luckily, there are business storage solutions out there which cater for this. You can get in touch with a company like WSSL & consult for pallet racking solutions, who take the time to get to know your business, so they can design exactly the right system to meet your needs.

By using a professional company like this, it will cut out the time and money  it would take for you to try and utilise this any other way. Everything from pallet sizes, access requirements, weight and type of goods, floor space and everything else that influences your operations would be fully considered.

3. They provide security

Running an online retail business, or any online business which requires the selling of stock, can be hugely profitable. This is thanks to the relatively low overheads. Perhaps the only downside to not having a commercial property is the lack of having a professional storage space for your stock. As mentioned above, it’s not ideal to keep good quality stock in rooms like your home garage, which is where business storage units can help

They come with the added benefit of security. Your stock might be taking up valuable space at home, or it might be at risk of damage, damp or theft. You can rely on business units to be all clean and dry, monitored by CCTV and accessible only to you — you are the sole keyholder for your unit.

4. Deliveries are taken care of

If you’re expecting to receive a delivery but can’t wait in to receive it, you can have it delivered to your business storage unit instead. This way, there is always staff on hand that can accept it in your absence; they’ll keep it safe until you arrive.

Another point is that a major part of your business may involve posting your stock out to customers as and when it is ordered. That also goes for a fast, reliable delivery service being expected from customers, which is key to building and maintaining your reputation. Most business storage units can act as designated DHL drop off points, which is something to research if this is a factor you need.  

Remember, whether it be a small unit space of a large warehouse floor, there are business storage solutions to suit you and your needs. They offer a wide range of storage options for your business: from individual storage rooms of 10 sq ft and over, to large-scale warehousing of 1000 sq ft and over.

All of them offer secure, dry and flexible storage solutions for you, which is a huge weight off your shoulders!

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