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Luckily, I have always been blessed with naturally straight hair. I have to admit I am one of those annoying people who can blow dry their hair upside down, shake it out and it’s a head of straight hair. However, sleek is one thing it is not, due to many years of highlights and bleaching. This has lead to my naturally straight hair being dry, ‘parched’ and a victim of frizz. This is where hair straighteners usually come in to help smooth out any dryness and frizz for me.


I have known about John Frieda Frizz-Ease range for a while, but it has been a long time since I last used it. I was recently re-introduced to the collection and the Smooth Start range, which fights all levels of frizz, and decided that it might be good to start using for when I go on holiday. So I decided to try out the Smooth Start Hydrating Shampoo, Smooth Start Hydrating Conditioner, Straight Fixation Smoothing Crème and the original formula Hair Serum. I have to say, from the first use, I do wonder why I stopped using this range!

I used all 4 products in conjunction with each other and although I don’t rely on the products for straight, wave-free hair, I really rely on it now for that smooth, sleek finish! The products are so affordable and after using them, I actually don’t need to use hair straighteners. I took a little snap of my hair straight after using the range, so as you can see my hair is super sleek and frizz-free! John Frieda Frizz-Ease range may be a long standing brand, where new products are often coming out to the market taking peoples attention away, but I will definitely be sticking to the popular original.

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frizz ease
frizz ease
frizz ease
John Frieda also provide a really useful YouTube channel which features tips, tricks and styling notes to continuously achieve moisturised, healthy hair. Take a look here to ensure you are never a frizz victim again!

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