Staying in season is drawing closer…

It’s a sad realisation, but the darker nights are due to be drawing in and it’s the period where weekend evenings get filled with staying in and watching TV (The X Factor being our main source of entertainment, starting from this Sunday!). It’s certainly good timing however for electronic giants Sony, who have launched a new range of stylish TVs to ensure viewers get that true cinematic experience. I recently came across some information about their new range of TVs and Smart TV and it suddenly gave me something to get that bit more excited about come Winter, when I switch my nights out for sofa nights!

We are all aware of how fantastic technology has become these days and the evolvements of new technologies, innovations and enhancements mean that TVs are getting bigger and better! So far we have seen them launch some incredible extras, such as built in internet connections, Full HD 3D and 4D Ultra HD viewing. Home cinema and videogames have never been so exciting! If you’ve been impressed so far, maybe it’s worth checking out the latest Smart TV applications. For those techno-lovers, the new technology allows you to place your NFC One-touch enabled smartphone against the Sony One-touch remote. By linking your smartphone to the TV, it provides a new dimension to TV and phone viewing, as everything that appears on your smartphone can now be seen in large scale, including games, photos and videos. Squinting at tiny screens can become a thing of the past!

Image Source: Sony Website

Additional features include the app ‘TV Sideview’, which shows you more details about what you are watching such as cast info and episode details of your favourite shows. For those of you, like myself, who love to be constantly wireless, you’ll love how you can be constantly connected via wifi to all kinds of technology such as your laptop or smartphone. From the comfort of my sofa on a Saturday, I can easily break away from a programme or film and switch to my library of photos or funny videos to show friends. A definite for my winter wish list!

Check out the Smart TV’s if you’re looking for a more versatile, innovative TV in time for staying-in season!

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