Frugal Fashion Shopping Tips For Saving Money

Staying at the forefront of new fashion styles can be a costly pastime – anyone with an interest in trends and fashion will know this. But nobody wants to be left behind and accused of looking outdated. Especially with how fast moving social media is at showing us the latest fashion items and looks, it can often make us feel like we need to be ordering from H&M and Zara every week.

If you’re keen to stay trendy without blowing your budget, – which I definitely am – then I have some tips for you to try…

1. Buy from online outlets

Take a look online and you’ll find plenty of opportunities to snap up branded goods at cheaper prices. Still dubious? Sports retailer mandm reviews clearly show that everybody wants a bargain, but not to the detriment of their fashion sense – and who hasn’t tried spotting designer steals on eBay for a rock-bottom price?

Online retailers can offer better prices because of lower overheads and operating costs, plus they can often get hold of previous-season pieces for much lower prices. Accessorise with some key season must-haves and nobody will notice last year’s jeans or trainers.

2. Don’t be a snob

Some people love rummaging through countless charity shops looking for bargains, while for others that would be a nightmare. If you want to find some amazing pieces for brilliant prices, however, this is a great technique. You might be genuinely shocked by what you find, from high street to high-end designer gear that is presented in freshly cleaned and ready-to-wear condition.

It doesn’t always follow that the nicer the area where a charity shop is located, the better the clothes for sale, so pop into any store that you pass. Remember to continue the cycle as well, by donating your unwanted but good-condition items that somebody else might love.

Also, don’t be afraid to look on Facebook Marketplace and DePop. So many people use Marketplace for baby clothes for dirt cheap, so why any different for yourself?

3. Get using discounts and offers

Almost all online retailers offer some kind of first-time buyer discount, or a percentage off if you sign up to a newsletter and these are worth taking advantage of. It takes seconds to subscribe and, once you’ve used your coupon, unsubscribe again. These discounts tend to range from 10%-20%.

If you like an easy life, there are lots of browser extensions available that automatically search for active discount codes for any site you are on. They can be automatically applied, too, saving you time and money.

Don’t forget black friday coming up, too!

4. Create your capsule

It’s no secret that French women are considered among the most stylish in the world. Why? Because they follow a few simple rules and invest in capsule wardrobes. Instead of multiple pieces in every colour under the sun, they simply opt for perfect individual hero items, such as immaculate jeans, a white shirt and a cashmere jumper, before adding in some cost-effective simple T-shirts. A few items can translate into multiple looks, all of which are harmonious, and each item should last a very long time before needing to be replaced.

This is a long-term strategy for saving money, but it will also give you more space as well. You could even sell your unwanted items, generating the money to actually pay for your new capsule wardrobe. Now, that’s enterprising!

5. Fix what you have

If you love the items in your wardrobe already, why change them up at all? Simply spend some time fixing any damage and, if you fancy it, adding a few embellishments to breath new life into older items.

We are all being encouraged to buy less, so if you can extend the life of your favourite clothes and then simply purchase a few this-season accessories, that seems like an excellent compromise.

It might seem aspirational to have millions to spend in the shops, but you can enjoy just as much buyer satisfaction by shopping smart, not expensively. Once you start being more frugal and thriftier, you’ll find that it becomes addictive – and after a while, you’ll forget what paying full price for anything actually feels like.

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