How to Properly Choose the Best Flip Flops, From Size to Fit

Many people spend a lot of time walking or standing during their holidays, so they want to wear the most comfortable footwear available. In many countries with warmer weather, flip flops are extremely popular, since they are comfortable, light in weight and affordable.

Everyone packs a pair when they go away, right? There are a wide range of flip flops available for sale, so many women would like to find out how they can find the best flip flop slippers for women, which are both stylish and comfortable. While the quality and design of the flip flop matters, it is also important to choose the right size of the flip flop. They can be tricky to wear if you have a high instep (the arch of your foot is more curved) or if you struggle to under stand your actual shoe size.

While shopping for flip flops offline, it is easy to check if the flip flop is of the right size, since the footwear store will allow the customer to wear the flip flop and walk in it, so that she can choose the best fitting size. For online shopping the buyer has to be more careful. Though most people are not aware, usually the size of one foot is slightly larger than the other.

Shoe experts it is better to choose flip flops for the larger foot, so that it will fit both feet properly. Before shopping for any slippers online, it is advisable to measure the feet size accurately, after taking measurements.

Ideally the flip flop should be slightly larger than the foot size. This ensures that the foot is fully supported by the flip flop sole. However if the slipper size is much larger, it is more likely to slip off especially when running. More effort will be required to keep the larger slipper in place. The strap fitting is also another consideration while choosing the slipper since the strap keeps the slipper in place.

It is important to ensure that the strap is fitting properly and comfortably. If it is tight, it will chafe the skin or cause blisters. The increased pressure on the straps of the slipper will reduce the life of the slipper.

Even if the right size of the flip flop is chosen, the durability of the slipper depends on the design and material of the slipper. The cheapest slippers are usually made from rubber and have rubber straps. In these cases due to the body weight applied and friction, the rubber will wear away, reducing the thickness of the soles. However, the rubber straps are more comfortable compared to other materials.

Many of the reputed brands are using synthetic materials for the slipper sole. These sole materials are not affected by friction, though the plastic strap may come out after some time.

Another consideration while choosing flip flops is the thickness of the sole. The right sole thickness should be chosen, depending on whether the flip flops are worn indoors or outdoors. Usually when outdoors, the surface is uneven so the foot should be cushioned. Hence it is advisable to purchase slippers with thicker soles, if they are for outdoor use. However, slippers with thicker soles are heavier, so if the flip flops are used only at home or indoors, it is better to purchase thinner soles. Also flip flops with arch support are preferred for outdoor use, for greater comfort and to reduce the strain on the muscles.

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