Five Things To Do On A Lazy Day At Home

Having a lazy day at home is something we all need on a regular basis, however, we’ve managed to be given no other option due to the current situation in the UK.

Pandemic aside, I’ve learnt that I truly benefit from spending lazy days at home, and it’s something I should do more often. The weather in the UK is always up and down, so even when I like to plan outdoor days, it’s always a little hit and miss here anyway!

British weather aside, we all know that life can get demanding at times. It’s important that you help yourself unwind and relax with some self-care and relaxing time spent either alone or with your family and friends. And sometimes, there’s no better place to re-couperate than in your own home.

If you’re struggling with what to do to enjoy your downtime at home, here are five things to do on a lazy day at home which can help re-charge your mind and give you a sense of wellness.

Spruce Up The Home

I’m no Mrs Hinch, but I love a good couple of hours of uninterrupted cleaning and tidying. I never look forward to it, and you have to force me into it, but once I’ve done it, I feel fabulous!

I like to give myself a two hour slot and start with the downstairs. I’ll clean first, and then start to tidy and re-arrange the rooms so that they look minimal, clean and homely. The best thing to do to treat yourself after you’ve deep cleaning and gutted out the rooms in the home is to pop some bright blooms into a vase and place them in the room that needs the most brightening up. We are spoilt for choice with all the beautiful local flower shops around our cities these days, so you may be able to pop out and visit one, or order online if not.

Diffusers and candles are also another little treat, and work really well to place in the bathroom or the entryway.

Watch A Movie Series

A movie series is one where you’ll find a trilogy or a brand of movies that all are made by the same company, like Disney, for example, or Harry Potter.

Saving time aside for this on a weekend is especially fun, because it’s literally like enjoying your weekend in and making the most on the comforts in your home.

A binge movie day is a great way to relax and to just let your mind escape. It’s nice to just relax on the sofa and do nothing but watch your favourite movies or perhaps something you’ve never seen before but now have the entire day to commit to. Plus, you can jazz it up with snacks!

It’s a great opportunity for you to discover a new series that you’ve always wanted to watch or try something new in a genre you’ve not explored much of. Whatever it is, put your comfies on and get a cosy throw to keep your warm and content throughout the day. A movie day can also play in the background while you potter around the home doing other things.

Do Some Baking

Everyone has their different ways of relaxing, and for some, baking can be one of those therapeutic things where you can experiment or make something you’re used to baking.

Whether that’s from scratch or simply making it from a ready-made mix, it can be good to do some home cooking and to have a treat afterward for just you or the rest of the household. Make sure you’ve got the ingredients ready ahead of time so that you don’t need to go out and get the supplies needed on the day. A lazy day at home is something you don’t want to go outdoors for!

Make Your Own Afternoon Tea

Ever held your own afternoon tea? It’s one of the typical british things we love, and it’s easy enough to make for yourself and a friend or family member. Grab some scones and get a teapot out and some dainty crockery. Make it something you do for yourself and friends every so often and everyone can bring a part of the afternoon tea with them.

If your family haven’t visited for a while, it’s a good idea to get them to your house and to indulge in a spot of tea and scones!

Have An At-Home Spa Day

A spa day can be the perfect way to unwind but unfortunately, a lot of spa days can cost a fortune, especially if you want to stay in the location overnight. So why not bring the spa to your bathroom?

Get a bubble bath going, a glass of fizz or two, and a face mask. Paint your nails and really pamper your body so that you feel nice and relaxed. Give yourself around two hours and you’ll reap the awards.

These four things are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to making a day at home fun. Make sure you have more lazy days in as it’s not only good for your health but also for your mental well-being too.

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