6 Hobbies You Can Start From Home This Week

So as we approach week 100 of working from home, I don’t know about you, but it’s feeling a little hard. I’ve spent more time in my home than I ever thought possible, which is fine, but when you think about it, the home now has a million uses.

 It has become my art studio, my home office, my gym, my breakfast, lunch and dinner hotspot, my chill out space, my photography and editing studio, and everything in between!

With all of this time spent at home, myself and my partner have been struggling to separate work from pleasure. We’re both used to working from home, but those 2-3 days a week we would venture out to work, events or seeing family, boy did we enjoy them for the break it gave us.

So my life is a blob of blue light: laptop all day, scrolling all night. If this is familiar to you, and you’re also looking for ways to ignite your creativity, find a different way to entertain yourself and be much more intentional with your “me” time, perhaps you’re ready to take a break from the blue light life and take on a new hobby?

These don’t rely on your laptop and Instagram, but I will say, with each of them, you can gain inspiration from both Instagram and Pinterest, and YouTube does help too with tutorials. But that aside, have a little read…

Flower Arrangement

I’ve learnt to appreciate what I am exposed to in my home on a daily basis, which means anything visual. Flowers is one of them, especially during lockdown. I have various dried flowers and faux flowers around the home, but I’ve been seeing people recieving bunches of fresh blooms and it’s honestly made me realise how much I adore having them in the home on a weekly basis.

If you’re the same, you could use the spare time you have and your appreciation for flowers to get a little creative. Why not have a go at ordering your favourite flowers, picking some wild ones from outside, and mixing them with any faux flowers you have in your home?

Play around with arrangements, mix in pieces of twine, leaves, false eucalyptus (my favourite) and whatever you wish. Start with gaining some inspiration from a trusted flower store online, you can find so much floral inspiration along with ordering what you are attracted to the most as a start. Then play around. Be creative. See what styles make you feel at your most creative!

Learn calligraphy

I was meant to do this last year and never made it to my class, but I do have a calligraphy set here at home just waiting to be used. I don’t know what it is about calligraphy that is so mesmerizing to me, but it just looks so wonderful and relaxing. However, of course, you’ll need a little help when learning, but there are some extremely affordable beginner practice books and brush pens/inks on Amazon and ebay.

Start dance fit classes

Speaking of sweating, last night I did a 3 minutes hip hop dance fit class online from a channel called H Town and wow, it was incredible! I love r&b and hip hop, so this was the perfect way to encourage me to move my body.

The same can be done for those who like other types of dance music, or even yoga. There are an abundance of dance and workout classes being shown on YouTube, not to mention Instagram Live. However, as we’re trying to reduce blue light, why not stick on a playlist of your favourite hip hop beats and just learn your own? You might surprise yourself at how much natural rhythm you actually have!

Pilates, dance, yoga, HIIT and zumba are great ones to do yourself at home. Loose yourself to the beats (or slow sounds if yoga/pilates) and give it a go.

Learn how to cook

Without being all braggy, I have to say I’m quite a good cook, and luckily, I really enjoy it. My boyfriend on the other hand is the complete opposite. He doesn’t enjoy cooking, planning meals, or food shopping, so I do 99% of the cooking in the house. In fact, the only meal he makes is this cereal in the morning, which is kinda fool proof.

There’s just something about mastering a new recipe and switching up your routine to make you feel full-bellied and accomplished. I’m going to try and start learning how to make pasta, as so far all I’ve really learnt is how to make a frittata (with potatoes and eggs and any extra fillings!) and my go to pitta bread recipe of greek yoghurt and self raising flour. Oh, I actually made decent scones the other day too!

If you’re a real sweet tooth person, practice making a dessert you know you’ll enjoy. If you’re more of a savoury person, you could always start of small and make your own pizzas, homemade curries or side dishes like patatas bravas and coleslaw, before moving onto some exciting bakes!

Practice meditation

I’ll be honest here, I struggle to switch off and meditation is quite hard for me to master. I actually quite like my mind racing at 100mph – I’m a typical gemini, always having two sides to everything, and that applies to my mind. One minute I’m planning one task, the next I’ onto something else.

Once I realised that meditation can be tailored to your personality and you don’t have to sit cross-legged with your eyes closed, I woke up to it a little more. Even reading self help books in a quiet corner and then taking 10 minutes to put the book down and just be silent with your thoughts can be your own type of meditation.

Read some books, do some research, find a nice pretty relaxing corner.

Try your hand at painting

Over the weekend I tuned in to La Mer’s Instagram Live drawing session with an artist, and yes, I know it’s phone related and blue light it streaming, but it inspired me to plan more painting and drawing sessions.

I found myself at total zen, picking up my pencils and sketching along. Yes, I had a glass of fizz by my side and the sun beaming down on me, but that aside, I’m pretty sure I’d enjoy it stuck indoors too!

You don’t have to have any skills beforehand. You can simply put little set ups around the home of still life objects, get a sketch pad ready, and try to draw what you see. You’ll probably make a mess the first time you do it, but it’s part of the fun! If you were to whack out a Picasso style painting, then where’s the learning in that? That’s what I try to tell myself anyway!

You can even print off your favourite drawings, illustrations or photography online and trace the outline, before transferring to your own paper and sketching around the outline, building the picture up.

There are tonnes more: learning photoshop, learning a new makeup application skill, learning to knit or crochet….

Just take some time to see what enlightens you first, and the ideas will flow.

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