8 Inexpensive Ways To Feel Better This Week

As soon as this pandemic hit, I felt it was important that content creators out there are focusing on topics which are super helpful right now. I mean, I follow tonnes of fashion and beauty influencers, but I have found that some who are making extortionate spending sprees on designer items to be quite irrelevant to me.. It’s been quite the slower-than-slow move toward the spring/summer that we are all used to, and it’s such the strangest journey we are all experiencing.

I’ve talked about loungewear because quite frankly, I am living in it. I’ve shared numerous zoom videos, and highlighted the home updates myself and my partner have been doing. The question is: what next?

“Normal” isn’t particularly on the horizons for many of us yet, and it’s moving towards learning a new way of living a new norm. I for one am feeling slightly more at ease and have adapted to the new ways of life. If you’re also ready to feel like yourself again, it might be worth having a read of the below and checking if there are things you can do to make yourself feel totally adapted and happy (as possible).

Here are a few ways to make yourself feel better without going against any guidelines.

Follow a morning routine

This one is mainly for people who have felt a little resistant to adapting to our new circumstances. Following a morning routine doesn’t have to be overly cliche and involve indulging in an hour-long meditation or take up yoga when it’s not something you’ve ever longed to do—I’m talking a legit morning routine.

Think of the times we were busy in our old routines with work and life. Remember what it felt like to get up for work at a set time, taking a shower and doing our hair and makeup. Grabbing a cup of tea in a flask for the journey, or doing a quick workout before work.

Maybe some of you did invest in yoga or morning meditation. Maybe some of you scrolled the news on your laptop or phone. Remember those habits and try to incoporate them into a new routine, which takes on elements of your old one. Have a time that you wake up every week day, and follow a few steps which don’t seperate from your old routine too much.

Decorate your home with delightful things

Sometimes, it’s the things we cast our eyes on first in the morning that can impact our day. That doesn’t mean displaying something over the top in our bedrooms, but it can be a printed wall quote, an uplifting mug that sits on your bedside table, or a bouquet of fresh blooms.

Think about what your senses are drawn to when you start your day at home. Scents, sights, sounds. It’s worth investing in beautiful flowers in a minimal vase in one of the rooms of your home you will be spending a lot of time in. The vision of the striking colours and the light scent can do wonders for your mind. It’s super easy these days to get a lovely flower delivery online with next day delivery, too.

If it’s scent that you’re after, the next step might be a good one for you too….

Make some good coffee

Although some of us had the luxury of a Starbucks drive-through close by, or access to coffee shops throughout the usual working day, we’re now relying on our own hot beverages at home.

While some are still lucky to be able to get barista coffee from small take outs and occasonal drive throughs, try to bring the luxury of coffee to your home. The aroma of brewed coffee is a fabulous smell – but it’s usually the quality stuff that makes us feel all excited!

If you adore coffee and spend a lot of money on it, it may be worth investing in a professional coffee machine. You can get pods everywhere, from Amazon to Nespresso. I recently shared a cheaper range on Instagram here which were a fraction of the price of expensive ones!

Use a daily planner

Um, excuse me, what the heck do I have to plan? Lots of you may be asking yourselves that, but lets think about it: doing some work (for those still working), having a daily walk around the block, catch up with a friend via FaceTime, watch TV for two hours, scroll social media for 30 mins (or 3 hours in my life!), start dinner at 7:00pm,meditate at 9pm…

Yes, using your planner every day might seem a little weird when you’ve not got places to go and reasons to nip out, but penciling in time to talk with friends and do the daily activities that have become the new norm is just as important. Plus, activities like booking a food shop and giving yourself an at-home facial might have started to become new activities!

You can also use your planner to plan ahead. This is quite hard to do right now, but there is no harm in penciling in ‘potentials’ like ‘get my roots done’, ‘research new cars’, or whatever you may have on your list.

Use a bit of self tan!

Now some of us haven’t had outdoor spaces, or, some haven’t been able to break off from working from home to enjoy the sun. In which self tan could be your newly found best friend!

And, if you’re used to self-tanning normally, you don’t have to stop just because no one is seeing you at the moment. Having a little glow to your complexion might be exactly what the doctor ordered, plus it means you don’t have to feel pressured to soak up any of the rays during lockdown if you are still working heavily.

There are also tanning drops you can add to your facial moisturiser or body cream too, if you want to gradually build up that bronzed, natural glow.

Put on your nice clothes

As much as I’m loving how comfortable I feel every day in my loungewear and baggy clothes, I desperately miss the smart feeling of those shiny leggings and nice crisp shirts. Don’t even get me started on wearing a pair of healed boots!

Working from home in pj’s is novelty at the beginning but when working from home becomes the norm, it can be a little demotivating to continue to do so.

Think about other comfy clothes you can be wearing which make you feel good. Fitted tops, cute tee’s, loose fitting jeans and high waisted leggings can all still class as nice clothes, and give you that extra bit of comfort too.

Switch to digital as much as you can

With this one, you might be thinking alright then, I’m already communicating with my friends over zoom on the regular, as well as glued to a laptop for work. But what I mean is, try not to let life come to a halt because you can’t get out. Many providers are offering doctors and health communications with phone or video calls for appointments. You can also do lots of learning and little courses online, so you don’t have to pause any education or courses you were hoping to do. And let’s not forget about gyms and working out: there is an abundance of work outs and fitness classes available online.

Along with appointments, you can order pretty much anything online right now. Obviously, food is one of the biggest on this list, but so is wine, meal-deliveries, medications and even cocktails!

Do what you can at home

Of course, we’ll all be missing getting our nails done, getting a blow dry, shopping in stores and more so in my case – going out to dinner. But you can do these at home if you put your mind to it. If you always see your nail tech on Wednesday nights, make it a point to do your nails at home then. Same with facials. Host happy hours with your friends at Friday 5pm, do a dinner party with your far-away family, attend virtual events and watch online gigs.

We can do this!

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