FOREO Luna 3 Review + Beauty Workshop at Selfridges Exchange Square

Over the years, I’ve had countless people rave to me about using a cleansing device as part of their everyday skincare. I suffered with acne for years and years and years, although saying that, it hasn’t completely gone. I used to think that a cleansing device would never be the cure for my flare ups, and although I still can’t really promote that it is (because I’m no dermatologist or skincare expert), I literally can’t contain my excitement at the improvement my skin has seen since I finally listened to the advice.

Now before I share my review, I’m re-iterating again that I’m not a professional in the skincare business. Just a 33 year old who had acne since being 15 and it carried on right through to being 29.

A number of times over those years I had really clear periods, which was mainly due to being on either Dianette or Yasmin contraceptive pills.

There were also times when it got out of hand for no reason whatsoever. And in more recent years (from being 31-33), my skin has been ‘OK’- occasional break outs around the jaw and cheeks, along with scars and marks from years of suffering.

I recently used a cleansing brush for review purposes a few months ago, and was shocked that my skin started to look clearer, smoother, and less marked. I thought it was a fluke, and when it suddenly stopped charging (no idea if that was my fault or a technical fault, who knows, probably mine!) I went back to not using one.

And then came along FOREO. A brand I am familiar with from my old career in beauty PR many moons ago.

FOREO have launched at Selfridges Manchester Exchange Square, and I was recently told about a beauty workshop they would be running. I was super excited to have the chance to try out a FOREO device, and see how these clever little high-tech sonic powered tools work.

In a nutshell, I found out from doing a bit of online research and asking around, that no matter how long you spend cleansing your face (or how hard you scrub with your hands) you’ll struggle to get your face as clean, firm, smooth and glowy as when you use a little help from FOREO.

I got my hands on the LUNA 3 for sensitive skin (which comes in the lovely lilac shade), and decided to try it out myself a couple of days before attending the beauty workshop at Selfridges, so I could properly understand how it works.

For those unsure how you use this sonic technology device, it’s very very easy. Here’s how:

How to Use FOREO Luna 3 for Sensitive Skin

1. If you wish, you can connect your LUNA 3 to the FOREO app via Bluetooth.

2. Then, start by dampening your face with lukewarm water, and then apply your favorite cleanser to your LUNA 3. Hit the start button twice and you’ll feel the vibrations begin!

3. After this, simply glide LUNA 3’s touch points in circular motions over your face until the built-in timer shuts it off. I start with my cheeks, then move to my forehead, and then finish at my chin, jaw and neck.

4. Rinse LUNA 3 clean under running warm water, pat-dry your face and continue with your skincare routine.

Honestly, it’s crazy seeing how much foundation comes off onto the device and runs away with the water. I use micellar water to remove my make up before cleansing with the FOREO, and I always assume most of it is off. Not the case, apparently!

I genuinely love the feel of the sonic technology on my skin – it feels like a deep facial massage, really working with increasing the circulation around my face. It also feels like it’s working to give a real intense deep clean, and I love that sort of feeling!

The reason silicone is used for the device is because it’s literally so hygienic. You just rinse under warm water when finished, and the device is completely clean. No bacteria sitting in any bristles (because it doesn’t have bristles, of course!) and it feels super soft on the face too.

From doing a bit more research into the FOREO device, I found that it uses 8,000 T‑Sonic™ pulsations per minute which reaches into your pores to wash away dirt, oil, sebum, make-up residue, dead skin and more.

So no excuse to get the deepest cleanse really!

I’ve been using mine for a month now, and I’m pretty much obsessed with it. I only use it once a day (at night), but I honestly feel like my breakouts have been completely under control since using it. No more clusters forming along my jawline, or the pesky ones that appear in the centre of my cheeks and scar. I’m still so scared to rave about it in case it’s a fluke, but I couldn’t review this product on here and not mention just how under control my acne has been.

Touch wood!

The beauty workshop I attended at Selfridges Exchange Square was a really lovely event – a fabulous opportunity to learn more about the brand and get some insider tips on using the devices. I headed over there for the afternoon where I was treated to a deep cleanse using the FOREO device by one of the trained team members, Chris. He did an exceptionally brilliant cleanse on my face!

I turned up with quite heavy makeup on, but within minutes it was all completely gone (and I wasn’t even in a bathroom setting either – just in-store with a bowl of water, a FOREO device and FOREO cleanser!). It honestly feels like a real treat using a FOREO device all over the face, as it actually does feel like an intense facial massage.

I left the store completely glowing and feeling like every ounce of dirt and gunk was fully removed (which I believe it was!). Thanks so much to the FOREO team, to Chris in particular, and the guys at Selfridges for further increasing my knowledge on all things FOREO.

The LUNA 3 device for sensitive skin that I have costs £169.

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